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Marrying Non Amritdhari

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Could you marry a person that is practising sikh but not amrithdari whilst you have taken Amrit.

I do not understand why so many Gursikhs say you both have to be amrithdari.

If a person is not ready for Amrit I firmly belive you should not force them.

I can give you countless examples of Amrithdari Gursikhs marriages that have ended in Divorce .

If the both couples have faith in Guru Granth Sahib, follow the nitem routine do sangat together and love each other whats bad in that.

As bani says when you see 1 sikh he is called just a sikh but when you put two sikhs together they become Sangat.

Why does no one realise that after marriage the other partner may decide to take amrit as they have good company of sangat around them.

Why is nothing said to the people you do marriages and party afterwards , drink alcohol etc.

Why are normal Sikhs that love each other have complete faith and waheguru always looked down upon just because one couple has not yet taken amrit?

I have noticed this allot and due to this many couples fall down in sikhi because of the people around them.

Too many people thesse days just look at avguns

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All fudus

^^^ Your response regarding a topic where someone has deviated from Rehat Maryada.

I'll just let you ponder your words for a while. Hopefully, the irony will wash over you quite soon.

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Guest Jacfsing2

This is a personal decision that requires both the need for the Punj Pyare to intervene and the need for personal Hukamnama from Guru Sahib. The complexity it totally based on the Rehat especially on one particular part which different Jathas define differently according to their ideas. "Roti Beti Di Saanj" (Everyone defines this differently and as such it can be very confusing for normal Sikhs who don't have a Jatha)

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