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Just want to say thank you for sharing all Bascis of Sikhi material onh SIkh Sangat

Are you part of Basics of Sikih?

No Paji GuptSinghji, I'm not part of Basics of Sikhi, meri mat thori a, I'm not that intelligent to do what they do.

I just like to put their videos on as it helps me to learn and think they may help others too. I don't put on all of them, only relevant ones as to what's going on at the forum.

To be honest I'd like to know as well. (When I looked to see that video in BasicsOfSikhi's list of the Chandigarh street prachar I saw nothing. https://m.youtube.com/#/channel/UC8B7EIN0EeqbZ2oQptkiQlA

I just sometimes go the extra step of finding them and this Chandigarh one came up on my fb. I'm copy paste wali ?
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