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Let's End All Suffering - Our Own And Of People Around Us


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Houme nave nal virodh hai doi na rahe ik thaye ||

Through constant meditation and listening to Guru's amrit bani I'm trying to rid myself of my ego and have succeeded to some extent

Nehkeval Jee,

in these 2 lines underlined above, and mentioned by you, lies the secret for our emancipation, and to get rid of all our sufferings.

Thanks for pointing them so simply.

God bless you.

Sat Sree Akal.

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You just forget about the thoughts, and only pay attention to your job during meditation, which is, His simran.

Creating thoughts to distract us and prevent us from doing this real bhakti, is the job of the mind, but you too as a faithful sikh, cling on strongly to Guru Jee, no matter, what may come....because to subdue the mind is not in our hands at all, but in His power, His Daya Meher, His apaar Kirpa.

And when He sees our determination to remain in His hukum, He just extends out His powerful arm and pulls us out from the gravity of mind and maya, and keeps us at His Lotus Feet.

Sat Sree Akal.

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during meditation diffrent thoughts constantly comes to my mind. how do i control my thoughts.

Two things -

  • Start with thought labeling everytime a thought starts to bubble up label it - like 'planning' , 'past' , 'grudge', 'craving (such as to check email)'
  • Focus on your nostrils or your belly - choose one and stick to it for several days (wherever you find incoming and outgoing breath sensations are the strongest).

We all go through excessive thinking in the initial phases , but slowly these thoughts will loosen their grip on you - so don't lose heart.

Also if breath meditation is not your thing you should try music meditation - pick a rag based kirtan such as this one and just focus on the shabad with your eyes fully or half closed (try to stay focused on the entire experience including the non vocal beats and muscial notes ), here is an example kirtan

ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਬਾਣੀ ਨਾਮਿ ਵਜਾਏ

ਨਾਨਕ ਮਹਲੁ ਸਬਦਿ ਘਰੁ ਪਾਏ

On a sidenote stop identifying with being a "ramgarhia" - in fact any label that was meant for our body and we tend to identify with (not just caste, it can be profession, religion, gender, economic status etc) is an obstacle to your deeper understanding of your real self - the fat that you are spirit and not the illusory mix of body and mind -

Man too jot saroop hai Apna mool pehchaan ||

Also for all meditations (music or breathing) do 5- 7 minutes of alom vilom as a warmup .

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