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    • I believe that LGBT folk are just very weak-minded individuals who experienced trauma at a young age (usually sexual), now they are "rebelling". I suspect that somewhere deep inside them they know what they're doing is wrong, so they wish to take as many down with them as possible out of spite. There's also some evidence that it may be caused by vaccinations which are dangerous to human health as they contain many very powerful poisons that affect the brain, the gut and the sexual organs. Any LGBT folk I've "met" aka overheard in conversation are just sheep like folk who want to band together behind some banner lol. Today's world is all about kaam and money. The entertainment world makes it look like "love" and "dating" is soo important, and fine, to them it is. They put "love" on such a huge pedestal when its really just lust lol. These ppl are not psychologically adjusted. Leave the Sikhs and the kaum out of it. We don't need their bakwaas infiltrating the faith.   edit: These gays just want to be accepted by society for their perversion. They have no actual power in them. Its just Kalyug's way of lust. Some people don't have the ability to think for themselves. if you can find me an Amritdhari Sikh man, who wakes up at Amritvela and does his Nitnem everyday, does Seva and Simran who still wants to take another male's organ up his hoohaw after years of prayer, then I stand corrected.
    • From a logical perspective, the pros would be increased spiritual strength, an identity, a connection to my roots, etc. The only downside, which is an upside, is that I lose my connection to worldly folk, and maybe my marriage partner would change. But, I already decided that I don't care if she is plain looking. The most important thing is she has to get me, or in other words, understand my way of life, which is simplicity. I dont like the fukra shows of my relatives... if I had the choice Id live in some tropical climate far away from the pedh chaal. But this downside is a positive... so I'm definitely not going to trim any of my hair anymore... Guru Ji knows best, I am a dangar. Thanks
    • get your hinduvta/salafi self off this site ... despite the stone being attacked by an islamic miscreant  the handprint was not defaced and the history of the place is not buddhist at all  by any leap of imagination , It is also not the only GUrdwara where Guru Nanak Dev ji was attacked with rockfalls  whilst doing bhagti  and they too have his body shape /footprints melted into this  material .
    • this is so true  iv made countless mistakes and i still do but guru ji just keeps calling me back    through your experience growing as a sikh you start realizing guru ji and his forgiveness and love more and more    
    • trust me it will. you will learn to leave the sheep mentality behind that comes with those who visit the barber or use the kenchi on kesh need the sher mentality where the pedh chaal stops!
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