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    • That might change as you get older (mid 40s onwards), just hard graft (if you are a grafting type will usually suffice). But training to hit those muscles you don't hit with work graft (which has a tendency to overuse a small amount of specific muscle groups - and not others - can be a big issue when you get older). Get those rear delts and small back muscles in!!! Especially the rotator cuff and serratus anterior ! Or you can get muscle imbalances with can get debilitating. I'm screwing because I love graft, but I'm not a buddhra but I'm no spring chicken either, so I have to try and get a mixture of physical and sitting on your bhund type work in before it effs me up).   Plus goray will rinse you out with physical work (especially on sites). Now I know why so many old schoolers were binghay tedhay - they got nachored by ruthless, heartless goray panchoday foreman at work, while those <banned word filter activated> took all the saukha kumh.  
    • doaba    Religion in Hoshiarpur district[5] Religion   Percent Hinduism   63.07% Sikhism   33.92% Islam   1.46% Christianity   0.94% Others   0.61%    Religion in Kapurthala district[4] Religion   Percent Sikhism   55.66% Hinduism   41.23% Others   3.11%   Religion in Jalandhar district[2] Religion   Percent Hinduism   63.56% Sikhism   32.75% Islam   1.38% Christianity   1.19% Others   0.74%    this is where my family are from  Religion in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district[7]ReligionPercent Hinduism 65.55% Sikhism 31.50% Islam 1.12% Others   1.83%
    • Some theorise the Simpsons is a vessel that's used as predictive programming, i.e. presenting future plans for certain events in plain sight in the most innocuous form (a cartoon), decades before these events are due to transpire in the real world. The reason "they" even bother with getting their plans out into the open is in order to reduce the karmic load (on the part of the elites who orchestrate these events) that comes from a so-called blind attack that has no forewarning, which apparently carries severe karmic consequences. I'm not sure I'd go that far. It's probably just a crazy coincidence. 
    • Not sure about Malwa. A lot of the parents generation has kesh/dastaar but they still do 'sardar' things like whiskey. Their kids are mona though. I don't think anyone would mock kesh like that myself. Naah, that wouldn't happen as far as I can tell. I've never heard this. 
    • I heard some keshdhari mates saying the same about younguns in Canada but that was twenty years ago. Maybe things have changed there since? 
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