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    • Guys what I will say after experiencinng the trajedy of my Nana ji's youngest brother's life being destroyed by idle and unfounded  gossip by nasty folks including some of the womenfolk of the family when they discovered a photo of a man in my newly wed Nani's (his new wife) bheti (obviously the elders realised it could be a family's picture  so were sensible and put mitti on it) . However once the tonues started wagging the poor girl was driven out of her married live by others words , she went to her parents and refused to come back my Nana ji's brother tried to convince her , everyone did but no , he turned to the bottle. He died an old broken man with no one but but my Nana and Nani ji caring for him . There is a reason why Guru ji tells us never to spread poison like this ... we could be wrong and destroy lives
    • I have one of his books, answers a lot of arguments that people put against dasam granth, nice little book. Either way atleast whatever he did was between two adults and not sexual harassment like harjinder and all the others.  He does look off his head in the video.   
    • And of course, what I mentioned earlier with my friend. Sukha actually picked my friend up from Martindale Road Gurdwara in Hounslow, took him to one of the Singhs house, and Sukha, along with 4 other Singhs, posing as the Panj Pyare, beat him up and broke his jaw. He had to go to hospital. My friend showed me a few days later the broken jaw. My friend used to look up to and respect Sukha, which is why he went with Sukha without question. He was an absolute coward during the trial, along with his companions, who all claimed not to be baptised Sikhs (and one of them had even cut his hair by then). Even though this is the truth, I don't know how long these posts will stay up, as the moderators may remove them if Sukhas fanbase can't handle the truth. But it's okay. Because one day, regardless of whether or not these posts stay up, Sukha and the rest of his cohort will be brought to justice, one way or another...
    • was she originally from Gravesend ?  
    • Touching a Singhs downstairs 
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