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    • Indira Gandhi cartoon by artist Kal in 1984 for the economist. It was banned by the congress at airports in India. First saw this cartoon in a operation bluestar book we used to have, under the image it said "Indira kali, Delhi wali"    Looks like a screaming Singh clutched in her hand, could it be Zail Singh ? 
    • Why do Hell employees look like they're from Indian mythology? Are Indians who are sent to hell punished by Indian hell personnel; whites by white hell personnel? 😁 What was the ethnic structure of Hell's workers when the white and Indian races never existed? Were there dinosaur bhoots? Did they use to drag the soul of a T-rex to narak because it massacred too many herbivores?
    • you don't keep your human body when you die anyway. and also there are earth animals shown in one of those hells.. Also they measure 1000 years, how are these years measured?
    • Can't spell Canuck without Cuck... 😅😂
    • Anyone read the book soft target?        "Soft Target" is a term used by Intelligence Agencies for a country whose security system is lax and not full proof. The authors called Canada and its government in the 1980s a "soft target" as the Canadian intelligence agencies either deliberately or otherwise failed to notice and curb the espionage activities of the Indian Intelligence Agencies to manipulate the Canadian Sikh settlers settled in India in order to defame the whole Sikh community. The book gives a new perspective on Punjab problem. Its version is reliable since it's written by members of the Canadian Intelligence network. It exposes the duplicity of both Canadian and Indian government  
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