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The Silent Retreat

Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. They began with enthusiasm and no one said a word the whole day. By nightfall of the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out.

The first monk blurted out, "Oh, no! The candle is out."

The second monk said, "Hey! We are not supposed to speak!"

The third monk said in an irritated voice, "What is this? Why did you two break the silence?"

The fourth monk smiled and said, "Wow! I'm the only one who hasn't spoken."



Each monk broke the silence for a different reason, each of which is a common stumbling block in our inner journey: distraction, judgement, anger and pride.

The first monk got distracted by one aspect of his experience (the candle) and forgot what was more important - the practice of witnessing without reacting.

The second monk was more worried about others following the rules than in actually practicing himself. He was quick to judge without noticing that he himself was guilty of what he was criticizing.

The third monk let his anger towards the first two monks affect him. The singular burst of anger ruined the effort of the day.

The fourth monk lost his way because of pride. He was convinced he was superior to the others, proving his ignorance.

Why did the fourth monk speak at all? He could have simply maintained his silence and he would have been successful in his endeavor. But if he had, chances are, the other three might have continued to argue and not even noticed his silence. Some people are like this. Their motto is "If I'm doing something good, but no one notices, I might as well not be doing it at all." They believe that the reward is not in the effort, but in the recognition.

There is a beautiful quote, "It is the Provence of knowledge to speak; it is the privilege of wisdom to listen."

As we learn to truly listen, witness and observe without impulsively reacting with distraction, judgement, anger and pride, then we understand the true meaning of silence.


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Lesson from a mud pot







🙏Good morning🙏

"How strange is the logic of our mind,
We look for compromise when we are wrong,
we look for justice when others are wrong..."

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Just examine why your spirits go down ?

More often than not,

it is because somebody said something stupid to you.

And why did they say a stupid thing?

Because they had some garbage and they needed to throw it out;

and you were there, ready to catch it.

And once you have caught it, you hold on to it so passionately.

Wake up don´t let your smile be snatched away by anybody






If you’ll keep thanking God in advance, then get ready.

God is going to show out in your life.

He’s going to take you where you could not go on your own,

open doors that no man can shut,

connect you to the right people.

He’s going to restore what you thought was over and done.

It’s going to happen suddenly, unexpectedly.



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What is Freedom? What Does It Mean to be Truly Free?

It is a natural tendency of every human being to want to be free. Freedom is not luxury, it is a necessity. Not just human beings, but even animals want freedom.

Babies want freedom. If you tie a scarf on the neck of a baby, it just wants to remove it. You put a chain on a baby’s neck and the baby will want to pull it out. It is the adults who put jewelry around their neck, but children want freedom, they don’t want any restriction. That is why they throw their hands up and down… free!
Wanting freedom is innate to human beings as well as animals. Every life wants freedom, and liberation or moksha is nothing but freedom.

Freedom is a natural desire in every human being but when the mind gets so muddled up in unnecessary day to day things, it forgets that it wants freedom. It is as good as someone who wants to sleep but has forgotten how to sleep.


Freedom is not running away from situations and circumstance. Sometimes a situation is stifling or unpleasant, and we run away from it and think this is what freedom is, but that is not so. Freedom means:

  • Being unphased by circumstances, situations and the people around you
  • Being free from your own emotional garbage
  • Being free from the jungle of your thoughts that bother you
  • Being free from all the entanglement that you harbor in your head
  • Being free from fear and anxiety

Anything that stifles you and makes you feel small, being free from that is what freedom is.


How to move towards freedom?

  • Let go of cravings and aversions
    Whether you accept it or not, watch it or not, life is an act of letting go. It started the moment you were born. You let go of the womb and came into this world. As soon as you came here, you started breathing in and breathing out and you are taking food in and letting it out. It is a constant exchange. You cannot hold on to anything here.
    As a child you were holding onto many toys, and as you grew up, you let go of all those toys. Are you still holding on to your little toys and bells? No! As you grow older, you obviously let go of many things. Similarly, let go of cravings and aversion. When you feel free from all the cravings and aversions, that is freedom.
  • Meditate
    Meditation is food for the soul, it nurtures the core of your existence. It keeps you physically fit, healthy and mentally focused. Intellectually, it brings you sharpness, keenness of attention, awareness and observation. Emotionally, you feel lighter, softer and purer and you feel able to let go of the past garbage. It creates positive vibrations around you, influencing your behavior with others, and others behavior towards you. There is nothing better than meditation to bring calmness to the mind!
  • Reduce your wants
    If you want freedom, your wants should be minimum. Minimum wants will give you more freedom. If the wants are too many, they go on and on and on.
    Now, when the wants arise in you, what do you do? You can't keep on wanting things. This is where wisdom comes to help. See life with a bigger context.
  • Develop a sense of contentment
    When the mind is not stuck in desires of either respect, money, position, and the mind goes beyond these things, then you can say you are free.
    Before you let go of the body, if a point comes when you are so fulfilled, and you are ready to let go of everything – that is the infinite freedom that you experience.
    You need not even physically let go of things. It may not be possible practically to let go of everything but at least in the mind if you let go of everything, you will find there is enormous freedom, and lots of happiness and connectivity towards everything will come.
  • Have Faith
    One very important thing we need is the faith that only the right thing will happen! There is a great power in the universe that has maintained this universe from billions of years. Have faith in that power. It will take care.
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Feel being blessed

Break through all the barriers and feel that you Are Blessed.

This Is The One And Only Step You Have To take - the rest will all happen.

This deep sense of feeling that "I am blessed" can help you overcome any obstacles in life. It gives you courage and confidence and it will open your lid for grace to be poured in.

Once you realize that you are blessed, then:

  • All the complaints disappear
  • All the grumbling disappears
  • All the insecurities disappear
  • A sense of feeling unloved disappears
  • Wanting love disappears.

If you don't realize you are blessed, then the doer-ship begins.

If you want to make a difference in your life, feel you are blessed.

And especially for those on this path of knowledge, there is no reason for you to not feel blessed.

So, feel you are blessed. This is the first step towards the Supreme.

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A beautiful short story* 💞⚬💖 : Imperfection is beautiful too !

A man found a beautiful pearl. It was very beautiful but a small flaw in it.The man thought, if he can remove the flaw, it would be the biggest and most beautiful pearl ever in his possession.

He peeled off a layer to correct the flaw. The flaw was still there.

He peeled off another layer, the flaw was still there. He kept on peeling off the layers until all the layers were gone. Now there was no flaw, but there was no pearl too.

In this life, no one is PERFECT. Each person you meet would have some FLAW or the other.

You will end up losing the person completely while trying to correct his/her flaws.

So try to learn by accepting people with their flaws and you will be surrounded by beautiful people all around you...











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Moving as per times


Don't encourage your son and his wife to stay under same roof with you. Best to suggest them to move out, even to the extent of renting a house.  It's their problem to find a separate home.

More the distance between you and your children's families, the better is the relationship.

Treat your son's wife as his wife, not as your own daughter, maybe just treat her as a friend. Your son would always be your Junior,  but, if you think that his wife is of the same rank and if you ever scolded her, she would  remember it for life.

In real life, only her own mother and not you will be viewed as a person qualified to scold or correct.

Whatever habits or characters your son's wife has, is not your problem at all, it is your son problem. 

Your son's problem isn't  your problem as he is an adult already

Even living together, made each other businesses clear, don't do their laundry, don't cook for them and don't baby sit their children.

Unless, of course, special request by your son's wife and you felt that you're capable.

Most importantly, you shouldn't worry about your son's family problems. Let them settle themselves

Pretend to b blind and deaf when your son and his wife are quarrelling.  It's normal that the young couple do not like their parents to be involved in the dispute between husband and wife.

When your son gets angry, say something good about his wife. On the other hand, when she gets angry, scold your son.

Your grandchildren totally belong to your son and his wife. However they want to raise their children,  it is up to them.  The credit or blame would be on themselves.

Your son's wife need not necessarily  respect and serve you. It is the son's duty.  You should have taught your son to be a better person so that you and your son's wife relationship could be better. Always  tell others how well your son's wife treated you but, never ever tell others how well you treated her.

Do more planning for your own retirement, don't rely on your children to take care of  your retirement. You had already walked through most of your journey in life, there are still a lot of new things to learn through out the journey
It is your own interest that you enjoy your retirement years.  Better if you could utilise & enjoy everything that you had saved before you die.  Don't let your wealth become worthless to you.

Grandchildren don't belong to your family, they're their parents precious gift.

The above message is not only for you, please share it with your friends,  parents, in-law, uncles, auntie, husband or wife to find peace & progress in life.

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