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Guest HSH254

I have done a lot of bad things in my life. Nothing like murder before anyone thinks that lol, but things which against sikhi. I'll be honest and say, mostly kaam related stuff which i am not proud of and deeply regret now.

Recently ive been getting more and more in sikhi and making an effort to become a better person and sikh. Making an effort to read more about our beautiful religion and our great history. Ive read some rehitnamas recently which detail things which are greatly prohibited and what happens to those who have committed these things. That made me think, will the Guru/God forgive all the bad things i have previously done?

Is it a case of that you've done x,y, z so x,y,z is going to happen to you? Or can our previous sins be erased by now living a pious life and doing simran/paat.

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Guest Bakshanhar

For a start, the fact that you have acknowledges your wrongs is a real positive. Many people continue to committ paap and never break out of it. Thank Guruji for that. You mentioned you are now walking on the path of sikhi. That again is positive. The challenge is to continue that, the process of continuous development will never end.

Bhulan andar sabh ko, abhul guru kartar

In a very simple (my own layman terms) that everyone makes mistakes or is capable of mistake. Only Guru and Vaheguru are always right(unacapable of mistake)

For all the wrongs you have done there will be karmic consequence. This must be paid. However you have no control of that.

However you do have the will to decide what you do now. So from this moment fix up. The Guru does have control over what happens, so leave it to him. Dont ponder over what will happen, or your punishment, past is past, be aware, in the sense, if you are only doing right now to make up for your bad actions before, then your doing a deal with the Guru.this is also something to be mindful of. Never make it a business deal.

What we want to do is surrender to Guru and establish and realise the love that is already in us. With love for vaheguru even the punishments x y z are blissful so what would it matter. So walk the Khalsa path and follow the gurus word and take the gurus amrit. Forgive yourself and move on.

The Guru, Vaheguru is always forgiving. But we have to be able to recieve the forgiveness. Forgive yourself and remove all guilt and correct your way going forward.

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Unless you're a prophet / Guru / incarnation of God, you are going to make mistakes during life. It's the "curse" of being human. You've acknowledged failings in your past, which is more than 99% of people are capable of, so look to the future, and really give it your all to keep your nose clean and live the "saintly" and unquestionably just life that you feel is best.

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Guest Sukhwinder Singh

I have done a lot of bad things in my life.

Is it a case of that you've done x,y, z so x,y,z is going to happen to you?

Or can our previous sins be erased by now living a pious life and doing simran/paat.

For sure can the filth be erased, as the Bani says : Prabh ka Simran, man kee mael jaae.

The root of all our filth is our mind,but with His Simran only, we can wipe that polluted mind, and when it becomes immaculate, then only goodness and morality is the outcome from it, not any otherwise.

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the make-up of the body impacts everyone differently and to top it off, we have past karma that control our mandhey karam. everyone makes mistakes, some daily and some less frequently. who is outside of making these mistakes or errors in judgement? well believe it or not only Guru Sahib themselves or a few enlightened individuals on the Planet who take on the complete attributes of Guru Ji and are completely pure. the closer we become these ichaavan disappear and none of this happens of course without kirpa, sometimes we just have to take it on the chin and wait for it or we can do ardas. everyone else is in more or less the same place just to different extents.

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We are human and we make mistakes and we make them all the time and we will keep making them until we die, this is what we do.

The fact that you have acknowledged your mistakes is a good thing.

So what to do next.

1. At amritwella do ardass/benti and list all your mistakes to your Guru.

Say them out loud (make sure no one else is listening or you will be in deep dodo) Guru Ji already knows your misdemeanours

so there is no shame. After each mistake ask for forgiveness.

2. When all done do jakara and mutha take to charan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

3. Your mistakes have been forgiven, that is how merciful our Guru Ji is.

4. Do not go into guilt. Move on. You have been forgiven now love your Guru.

5. Make it a part of your ardaas to ask forgiveness of all the mistakes made in the past 24 hours. Once the errors have been forgiven they do not get on your register, if not forgiven then come the day you have to face Dharam Raj then your register will be open and you have to account for all your actions, so best get them forgiven now !

6. Be happy and stay in chardi kalla, Guru Ji has given you a wonderful janam so be happy and do your naam simran.

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Guest Be good

Yes your previous sins can be erased, but in order for that to happen they need to be paid off. For every action, there is a consequence.

If you're smart, you'll start paying off your negative karams now, but while detached.

i.e, live a good pious life:

Work 9-5

Gym- 6-7

Evening meditate.

Do seva, detach yourself and then help and teach others to detach. Help others, be a good soul, confident, happy in chardi kala, be grateful for what u have.

Make up your mind never to fall again and then just don't.

God bless you.

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