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Who Is Responsible For The Hate Towards Dasam Granth?

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We do most of the damage ourselves. I don't doubt Indian sources have lit the torch paper, but the rest is on us. It's time we took responsibility for our weaknesses.

Yes, we do lots of our own damage.

Just look at the way Panth treats the Nihang Singhs. Nihang Singhs are the jewel of Khalsa Panth and have preserved the complete Rehit of Dasmesh Pita. Khalsa Panth shud love and respect Nihang Singhs but the present day Panth hardly listens to Nihang Singhs.

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jae ham ko paramaesar ouchar hai | thae sabh narak kundd mehi par hai | Translation:- “Those who call me God, will fall into the pit of hell. This vaak of maharaj should be seen as scolding of our f

I think the hate actually has its antecedents from the colonial period. That's when you start getting the movement to distance SIkhs from anything remotely considered Hindu (which I think it would be

Anology: A tree consists of roots, bark, branches, leaves and flowers. Each of these exist as a feature of the tree and anyone of these do NOT describe being the tree itself. Likewise, Waheguru ji a

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