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Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale And Jatha Attacked

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ya Dhumma s kamaai increased manyfold by licking badals feet.


On a serious note, it's quite sad how Dhumma managed to sideline himself from the Sant Samaj. He would have been ideal to carry the movement forward, being the head of the Taksaal.

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Really sad state of affairs that his chela undertook this murderous cowardly attack under the guise of a chabeel. The same chelas did not find it offensive when pakhandi baba like piara bhaniarewala did real beadbi but got their knickera in a twist over a social media beef.

It is a sad state of affairs.

but we have been down the line of 'sant' type characters betraying Khalsa Panth e.g. 'Sant' Longowal

And Baba Santa Singh, Mukhi of Budha Dal as well?

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The real question is how did the attackers know that ranjit Singh was gonna stop at the chabeel? In my opinion there is somebody in ranjit Singhs jatha who is a rat.

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I agree that Baba Harnam Singh has kmaai and does lot sewa of katha abd larhivaar paath. So criticising him without credible evidence won't be good. Guru Sahib knows all and should leave it to him. Waheguru.

Respectfully bhai sahib, I disagree about there being no credible evidence.

His alignment with babur sarkar is evidence enough.

It is a fact that he is a stain on the ddt. Shame nobody on the taksal had yhe courage/sense to do what they have attempted with bhai ranjit Singh.

Under dhumma ddt has been seriously maligned, this incident and the comments made by dhumma and culprits have taken their disgrace to a new level. RSS/Govt agencies must be wetting themselves at this new turmoil the kaum has got in.

Unfortunately the kmai of maya is clouding any kmai he has done of gurmat.

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