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Guest Pargaas

My All Questions For Sikhi, Plz Answer

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Guest Pargaas

Sangat ji,

Soon i will be amritdhari, started to wear kakars now, i have few questions, u r mostly amritdharis so plz answer to my questions:

1. After combing, i Hold the comb in kashera for few seconds untill i make my jooda, is that okay ?

As some friends say dnt touch comb with kashera

2. The miyaan of sri sahib gets loose, any method to tight or we have to get new sri sahib?

3. Friends say that after u comb, put all broken hairs in a box etc and after two three mnths saskaar them, i do the same, but there are many small broken hairs in the washroom where i take shower, on the sink and sometimes on floor and walls, sometimes i tried to pick all hairs but even if i spend about 10 , 15 mins, still cannot collect all small small hairs from the washroom.

What u people do?

3. What u guys do when travel via plane, remove sri sahib and kara or not?

4. I got sarabloh kara, i clean it with colgate it shines but after some hours it again get blackish and my arm got rusty color on it, same with ur karas?

And it it okay to remove kara and wash ,clean (while keeping in hands)

5. While taking showers is it okay to put kashera down upto ankles or we should take shower with kashera on its original place?

6. I wear kirpan under my shirt, and i do exercises like rope skipping etc, so before starting exercises i hold my kirpan inside my pant or pajama, then i can exercises without getting hit, but then kirpan touches kashera, is that okay or what u guys do ?

7. When i take shower, i tie kirpan on forehead on small dastar, most of the time kitpan fall off from my head, sometimes i tie it too tight and forehead starts paining.

How to securely hold it on head while shower.

8. When we do keshi ishnan, start combing, hairs break more, and we need to comb a bit hard first time after keshi ishnan, is that okay?

9. Kara also cuts some hairs on wrist, it is okay or beadvi?

10. How to remember jaap sahib ? Doing it from one year but cannot remember all jaap sahib?

11. Do guru ji like only amritdharis or they also do taras on non amritdharis who do nitnem and willing to be a Sikh?

12. Where to get sharp kirpan, i asked baldev singh nihung shastars, he demanded 15000 rs for 9 inch, too much, any other mistry singh u sangat know?

13. Kara sometimes fall off head while sleeping , is that okay?

14. I had some mistakes many yrs back, i sometimes used to eat sugarcanes and amroods from other people's fields, that was a normal thing that time but now seems its chori,

i also had sexual kurehits 5,6 times, it was abot three yrs back when i did sexual kurehit and after two three days when i went to guru sahib, my body was vibrating and i couldnt able to go in front of guru sahib.i was very sharmshaar, I thought of going back, it looked like guru granth sahib ji were very angry with me, i was standing about 100 feet away and finally went to matha tek with tears in eyes nd never looked back for this <banned word filter activated> mistake again, i was never an amritdhari before, this will be my very first time i will go for amrit.

So when i go for the amrit, do i need to explain the kurehits to panj piares? I feel panj piras like guru sahib ji, i can tell everything but just want to ask u sangat ?

How u sangat do 50,100 paths japji sahib? I have head pain after 5,6 paths, and i start feeling sleepy.

How to count nmbr of malas? Writing on notebook or how to count?

How to do simran? I recite moolmantar but i felt sleepy after some minutes and then i lay down and do simran nd got sleep, cant sit for one or more hours, how to do it ?

Had a dream in which a guy was challenging me to walk over the water, i was there and a well popular mahapurkh( died 35 yrs back, i never met him) came told me, go u can run on water, i did it and mahapurkh disappeared?

Is this just a dream or some message?

I had dreams of mahapurkhs many times, i dnt remember now, i dnt understand these, for example

I was driving my cycle and a well popular mahapurkh was sitting on my cycle ,

Sometimes just darshans of mahapurkhs

Dhanwaad in advance

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Vaheguru I'll try answer as much as I can

1. you should change your kashera the moment u finish your shower or bath. take one leg out the wet one and put the dry one on then the same with the other till you have a fresh kachera on. then comb your hair so theres no problem in touching kanga with kachera

2. I'd say get a new sri sahib is your best bet unless you know a good carpenter

3. i'm not fully sure with this one. daas just picks up as much as i can

4. I was told by panj piyare that you have to remove kirpan when on plane and do ardaas then put in on when you land. I've never taken kara off though. they just do a body scan and i'm off

5. use sand instead of colgate lol. its better and making a new layer

6. kashera should be fully on at all times except when at the tiolet or changing kachera

7. thats fine if you hold it in pant. i tie a kamarkasa which is a small length of material tied around my waist to hold kirpan in place.

8. tie a bigger dastar

9. combing more is fine

10. thats fine too. its just how sarbhloh works

11. dont worry about getting jaap sahib off by heart. take it slowly and do ardaas to guru ji, it took me just over 3 years

12. guru ji loves everyone he does kirpa on who ever he wants. not for us to worry.

13. no sorry ji i dont know anyone

14. why does kara fall off head??? it should be on your arm!!

15. its fine just dont do it again

as for your sexual encounters dont worry about them, you werent amritdhari then. when you take amrit all your previous sins are wiped just make sure u keep a lifestlye to keep you on guru jis paath.

you can tell panj piyare ji if you want to but theats up to you. and yes panj piyare are the gurus form.

hahahahaha 50,100 paats of japji sahib?? i can hardly do two lolll. do as much as you can but dont start counting and saying " oh i did 20 paats today thats so good" keep in mind youre doing paat for love of guru ji.

you dont need to count mala or write in note book. you should do simran and paat out of love. 1 mool mantar or japji sahib done in love is better than 100 done without it.

as for your dreams you are blessed to have darshan of gursikhs in your dreams. dont ponder over it too much. as you do more simran everything will be clear.

hope this helps

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Guest Pargaas

Dhanwad ji bahut bahut explain krn lai

I meant that comb sometimes fall off from head while sleeping?

Nd i meant that i put the comb in kashera just to hold it for few seconds ok?

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if you kanga comes off just try tying your dastar tighter at night but not too tight so it hurts and tie it lower down on your forehead.

your kanga should be in your hair at all times in your dastaar aside from when combing. just change the order you do things.

first change your kachera like i told you to with one leg in and out and tie the naalaa.

then un tie your dastar to comb your hair so you dont have to hold kachera and kanga together.

I just had a thought about you getting a sharp kirpan... just google how to sharpen a knife and it should show you how to use a waterstone or something to sharpen it :strong::strong:

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Guest Pargaas

Noooo, u r getting it another way,

I do the same u are saying but once i finish the combing, where should i put the comb down( as i need to make jooda now, i cant hold comb in hand while making jooda) so comb have to put down for some seconds while making jooda

Thats when i hold comb in kashera just for few seconds

Is that ok?

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Guest gupt

put the kanga onto your gatra where you have your kirpan,try not to put with kachera, you can also get a string attachaed to your kanga to wrap around your joora as well

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Also if u r getting rash from the kara, make sure ur kara is dry. If u keep a wet kara on ur arm u will get rash. So after taking a bath or washing hands, dry ur kara

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