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Afraid Of Ghosts

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There are ghosts/spirits everywhere    most dont bother anyone. 

Where I work it is haunted. One day I was sorting clothes out at work  and then all a sudden I started hearing a metal against metal noise and I turned around and the hanger was swinging by itself on the rail behind me, when I started looking at it  it stopped!     Loads of weird things like that happen.   

Some people notice it more than others.

As a kid I heard voices as well  but no one used to be there! Lol   no joke!   As a kid I was once rummaging through our tenants draws looking for something, and I heard a really angry voice saying "what you doing"  and I replied saying "just looking for something"    I then realized I'm the only person in the house!  Lol  I then ran out of the room to see if anyone was there and no one was there! 

These things dont harm you though ! 

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