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    • They fought for British for their independence of PUNJAB, not for money.
    • Buddhism was penetrated far long ago by Hindu Religious heads.... There is no Buddhism in India anymore.... at current pace, Sikhism will be buried too.... And most of you wont even notice it.... Cuz you've been doing things told by your mahapurakhs and never have you ever tried following SGGS ji. That is why ,to prove something, most people refers to KATHAS of BABBEys and not actual BANI. cuz they know they never read anything like that in BANI..  
    • Who knows, at current State we won't even notice when someone like guru Nanak will come and go.... If guru Nanak was to share his views today with the sikhs, then he'll probably get (I apologise for using this word ) ex-communicated by taksalis.
    • @S1ngh @ADMIN @MOD strange how a recent post of mine that said the same thing about non-panjabi converts was deleted, presumably after being reported, yet its fine to say it about panjabis? why one rule for us and another for converts? havent u seen the stuff some of them do? they are in no way superior to us so please lose your inferiority complex, any mental shackles and think again before doing matha tek to them - oppressing an opinion thats based on observation and speaks the truth just to appease to potential converts is quite pathetic and doesnt serve the actual purpose of this forum.. if it was reported by certain posters, they need to do the same - u might think ur clever but the truth hurt u..and oppressing it too only makes you come across weird liberals pursuing a 'religious' agenda...
    • LOL maybe I need to cut down on my Patois vocabulary on here  

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