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    • what ever he calls himself I've heard multiple versions of his name  which is one of the points brought up by parents during a meeting to discuss the pushing out of Mankamal Singh and his brother from the governor positions . It was pretty disgustimg how the trust and school invited us to have a meeting but he prefilled the hall with his gurdwara related cronies including a group of gym bods who had ZERO to do with kids at school at atam .  He had blocked Nishkam intially to win the bid to take over Stoke Poges school by fearmongering and saying that a nonsikh trust was trying to take over . At that point in time the school had a good rating and needed a little work on safeguarding regarding special needs pupils but years down the line it was still  not dealt with despite authorities such as Ofsted telling them it should be a priority . Even safeguarding was highlighted at Atam but that has been dealt with now (guess he was scared of losing the shiny new school) . Stoke as far as I can see was used as a cash cow . Now he is claiming that he being mistreated and that the Stoke school is in danger  of losing its sikhi , it's not he's just a liar.
    • After 24 years of school I’ve graduated from residency and become a family doctor. http://pgsikhyouth.blogspot.com/2020/06/im-done.html?m=1
    • Didn't they fail in the one area that was a basic requirement, safeguarding children, of course they'll deny it and pull the "but we're Sikh and so are you so you should believe us and not ofsted" guilt trip, what's important is the education and safety of the children, if you're not providing that then it doesn't matter what kind of school you are, you've failed. I've never understood the hate against Nishkam Trust, I've got plenty of friends who's children go to their schools and are really happy, they were put forward to take over a school in Coventry and there was loads of hate there as well, the idea that it is a non-Sikh trust is ridiculous, oh well, each to their own.
    • my Daughter is at  Atam Academy School and the person who is CEO of Khalsa Academies trust Nick Sahota is doing gurdwara style politics with the schools in his care (pretty disgusting really) . This whole issue is about one man's greed as opposed the welfare of the school children . Basically Nishkam Sewa trust wanted to take the school over but this guy blocked it by misrepresenting to sangat and parents that this school is going to be a nonsikh school but the authorities are stressing that the ethos of school will remain untouched . He told so many fibs about the situation but it is clear that the kids will be better served by Nishkam trust
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