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    • I have been reading up about personality disorders.  I think there are some serious issues in our community. I think (my opinion) that there could very well be a higher proportion of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) in our people. There is a specific type of narcissism called "Covert Narcissism ". When you read about the particular traits in this type of narcissism  you see recognise these traits in our women. It is quite an eye opener.
    • When was this video released and who directed or produced it?
    • No, no, no.....  why call them wh0res DS101? They are only human.  I understand that dangerous infections are not a very good thing, but look at COVID-19? This can also be passed on very easily in my humble opinion,  if we are not careful.  I know what the word promiscuity means even though I can’t pronounce it at the moment. This happened in my great grandparents’ generation immediately after the pill was invented. Believe me, I have heard some really randy stories from people that belong to that generation. They were randy as hell!
    • With whom do Sikhs have these interfaith dialogues with and what type of dialogue is this, debate or a happy go lucky discussion with Hindu Dharmic brothers on similarities and brotherhood? The reason I mention the park is simply due to it's accessibility, location and plethora of different people from different backgrounds to talk to. It's much easier than saying book this place, meet at this time, etc... Confidence doesn't come from the amount of people being at the park in fact it's a hindrance having idiots present a bad image who aren't there to contribute to anything, confidence comes from the message being delivered hence why I'm yet to see a Sikh give a reason outside of 'feelings and tingling sensations' to join Sikhi (reason why threads are made on this forum asking how to spread Sikhi). People critique Islam week in and week out, when someone feels the critique turns in to outright disrespect then someone may feel they have the right to get physical which of course they do not, hell the DCCI Christian team at the park stands for Defend Christ, Critique Islam. Hatun from DCCI has gone far beyond critiquing Islam now to wanting to become a martyr with her latest stunts, play stupid games win stupid prizes I say. As for immature or derogatory comments, since I've been on this forum Sikhs have thrown such at me without another Sikh calling them out on their behaviour. Show me where I can find Sikhs engaged in the following way please:        
    • There is a problem with what you are suggesting. The behaviour in question was taking place long before the Internet and social media was around. It's deeper than that. 
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