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    • The numbers of Sikhs in the Pakistani Army is minuscule to even have an opinion on whether or not they're cannon fodder, the same cannot be said for their counterparts in India where anytime there's a skirmish Sikh soldiers are amongst the dead whether from the Chinese, Pakistani army or freedom fighters of Kashmir. I wouldn't call being in the Pakistani police force as being cannon fodder at all but their counter parts in Indian Pubjab who are oppressing their own Sikh brothers is something next level. The State of Pakistan does not scheme against Sikh females or approve of kidnappings, you've mistaken Pakistan for your Dharmic Hindu brothers of India where it's State backed persecution against Muslims, Gujrat riots by Chai Wala, Kashmir, mob lynchings for anything related to the Holy Cow, Delhi riots where police were aiding the Hindu violence against Muslims, removal of article 370 and so on. Aww the old 'ancestors were cowards that's why they converted' narrative. I know very well from the Sikh and Hindu mind people only convert from Hinduism or Sikhi because they were either forced or duped not because they found more convincing arguments from another faith, anything to help you sleep better at night and make threads like 'How do we get Sikhi to spread' with answers like 'introduce them to Yoga first'. You should be the last person on the forum to talk about izzat, where was yours when you coerced a NON-SIKH Brazilian man to marry you?
    • I have been reading up about personality disorders.  I think there are some serious issues in our community. I think (my opinion) that there could very well be a higher proportion of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) in our people. There is a specific type of narcissism called "Covert Narcissism ". When you read about the particular traits in this type of narcissism  you see recognise these traits in our women. It is quite an eye opener.
    • When was this video released and who directed or produced it?
    • No, no, no.....  why call them wh0res DS101? They are only human.  I understand that dangerous infections are not a very good thing, but look at COVID-19? This can also be passed on very easily in my humble opinion,  if we are not careful.  I know what the word promiscuity means even though I can’t pronounce it at the moment. This happened in my great grandparents’ generation immediately after the pill was invented. Believe me, I have heard some really randy stories from people that belong to that generation. They were s randy as hell!
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