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    • All this has given me flashbacks because my cousin did the exact same thing, it wasnt because of a boy, it's because she was spoilt and when she became a teenager her tantrums and demands got out of hand and she decided to run away. And it was her own "friends" that told her how her parents are "unfair" and that she should run away. I was around 15 years old back then she was younger. I clearly remember her mother crying at our doorstep, I was running around in the local area looking for her, the alley ways, parks, ran back to school at 5pm to check if shes there, got a female friend to go into all the girl toilets to she if shes in there, knocked on her friends house and asked her if she knows where she is.  When I returned she was standing outside her our house, arms folded, attitude, not even looking at us. She did this several times through out school. It all started when one of her "friends" a punjabi girl, ran away because her parents wouldn't let her wear makeup, and then there was a domino effect and they all started running away. My cousins father told my mum that he doesnt want her back and said that in our family once the women go then we don't take them back. He even went school and told them that the social can have her! It was my mum that literally begged and cried on the phone to him to take her back and said shes only a young girl and that anything could happen to her on the streets.  Her "friends" then advised her to tell the school her parents are beating her, which was false.  I even had the hindu head teacher call me over in the playground and ask me if there is any abuse in my family!  On top of that you had to lie to everyone and make stories up to cover things up.  She did this several times.  Anyway shes ok now. It's the so called "friends" that encourage this behaviour. Not for I minute did I belive that pardeep woman is "missing"  i'v seen so many of these "missing" cases. 
    • Now, this is a very good question. Give me a few hours to deliberate on this and I will return as swiftly as possible. I need to consult my conscience on this one. 
    • God is omnipresent, lives in our hearts. It is something one feels and sees in this great creation of his. No one can miss him. Denial does not mean that he does not exist. He exists.
    • Would you turn gay if there wasn't any women around? 
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