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    • That is asking for a whole lot of trouble. We already see tons of young p.c SJW leftists idiots who do as they please (usually actions against Sikhi) and claim to be Sikh. They usually counter with Sikhi is all about ones own connection with God, nothing else matters, blah blah blah. If we start encouraging this view, Sikhi will very rapidly decline, no one will keep kesh etc. Example: Harnaam "Kaur."
    • Is it because we simply haven't developed an institution that can give us a solid footing in the wider intellectual world, where we can bridge the gap between "sampardaic" and "missionary" outlooks and bring about a more coherent message we can all get behind? how do we prevent our kids from turning into ram rahias while having to go through the system? there has to be a concurrent education available  to them so they can navigate the pitfalls.
    • Nuclear super powers of the world will not go to war anytime soon. They'll have a skirmish, battle here and then, chest thumping essentially. 
    • In India such voices have legitimacy? In what world are you living? In Hindustan, such voices have a one way ticket to Nabha/Tihar Jail.  Why would separation have to be bloody? Are we not in 2020 instead of 1947. Its possible and likely, but I don't see why you folks automatically assume it will be this or that.  Whats the big deal if a few major historical places are outside of this Sikh nation? Are you saying Hindustani's would burn these places down? Not allow access? If so, that in itself is not a nation we should be apart of. Basically saying we are remaining with India out of fear.  Nations aren't being "absorbed" left right and center in this world. Nor do I see the current Pakistani administration launching an attack, but we don't know what future regimes of either nation will do.  FYI, I do not ask for Khalistan. I say we get more autonomy (won't happen) or at least some semblance of justice and a prosperous Punjab. All options seem like a long shot, Khalistan being the least likely. But, I wanted to pose questions to you, regardless. I see often subtle desh bhagats like you always pose the same old questions, as if you've seen through your magic ball that is exactly how a supposed Sikh nation will play out. They are literally the same questions, can you not think for yourself? Sheep. 
    • Youtube Japji sahib and two vids will b on top. For Japji Sahib Sant Jarnail singh is ok but for Jaap Sahib I'll recommened Giani Takhur Singh. 
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