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Traitors in the Panth


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Some exceptional excerpts from a rare interview with Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manochahl (BTFK):-


Q. Is there any hope of the militants joining Akali leaders?

A. Frankly Akali Dal leaders are irrelevant and most of them want the militants to be exterminated. Those who speak for us, do it only out of for fear of the bullet.



Q. But Simranjit Singh Mann has been speaking for the militants.

A. Mann is mentally bankrupt and keeps contradicting himself, which could be due to his torture in jail. I have met him and I have been disappointed. His bankruptcy is indicated by the people in his group. One of them sells opium and another used to refer to Sant Bhindranwale as a Chambal dacoit and Congress(I) agent. Yet Mann claims to uphold the ideals of Sant Bhindranwale. He thinks no end of himself just because he spent four years in jail.

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23 minutes ago, lsingh said:

The Taksal chief Dhumma has given full support to the Badal Dal as have the Nihang Chiefs. Dhumma has evwn called for Sikhs to do a daily Ardaas for Badals election victory. Do these add to the traitor list?

since when has Dhumma spoken for anyone apart from himself , he is a pretender who does not care for the reputation of the taksal tying the honour of the Taksal to his own kartoots ? Guru Pita ji told us to be responsible for ourselves to not look outside for responsible parties , we are all individually and jointly responsible for the state of affairs 

dadai dos na deoo kisai dos karamaa aapaniaa, jo mai keeaa so mai paeeiaa dos n dijai avar jana.

similarly the others who show their true colours we know to distance ourselves from , Anurag Singh has just posted evidence that the SGPC has received Some of the confiscated Sikh library manuscripts and has been selling them instead of letting sangat know they have been returned .

Now the sikh rehit maryada as published by SGPC is under fire 

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