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The Christian menace to Sikhi in Canada

Guest Jagsaw_Singh

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Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh

4 Years.  That's the gap between me telling everyone here what's going on and the worldwide Sikh social media community finally 'becoming suddenly aware' of what's going on. 4 years is an awful long time to be napping. 


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https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/sgpc-launches-drive-to-counter-christian-missionaries-in-punjab-101633808437608.html   CHANDIGARH NEWS SGPC launches drive to counte

As I'm banned, much of what I've said before, say now and will say in the future, gets lost or ignored in the guest Gupt section. But, those of you that have taken the time to read some of my earlier

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Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh

Some valid and some ignorant and 4 years too late  points being made on the new thread on the main page:


Some things I've said here on this thread over the last few years that should now belatedly be considered, even if you have all been asleep for 4 years:



Yeah it's nearly all American and Canadian (mostly American). If you take a closer look at how they're operating in rural Doaba it's actually really very interesting. I've constantly said on this thread that they're gowing at a rapid pace because we, as a community, are literally too dumb to even notice their operations. 

When you take a closer look at their (the Christians) modus operandi in Doaba you notice 2 things. Firstly, they have deliberately chosen not to build their churches in the centre of the villages. They have specifically targeted land around the Firnis of each village and being very careful to choose land that can be clearly viewed from all main paved roads. They have done this to ensure that the church and the large cross on top of it is the first thing that passing motorists notice when they look to their side at the village in the distance. This is a very calculated initiative by them. They understand well how the power of perception can change the whole character of a region.  They also understand that in today's buyers market in Punjab, where sellers are finding it impossible to find buyers for their land, they can very quickly, in the space of a few years, change the whole landscape of Punjab.




Tell you what Ranjeet, you know how, on this forum, over the course of many years, I have consistently been saying how much it makes me cringe when Sikh organisations constantly and consistently say "our feelings and sentiments have been hurt" like immature children ?  Well the sad irony is that the thing we have been consistently using to prevent other groups saying anything against us is now being used by Christians as a tool against us - i.e. it's our own fault. The pathetic monster we created and then over-used to make it a criminal offence to hurt our feelings also means that nothing can be said or done against the Christians. This is a mess well and truly of our own making.



Of course it's something else Ranjeet. The discussion taking place here among a couple of posters about caste is like someone that's never been to Portugal delivering a lecture about The Hills and Lakes of Portugal. The guy delivering the lecture needs to visit Portugal and the people talking about caste here need to get out there into the pends and cities of Doaba and see what's happening on the ground. There are Jatts, Tarkhans, Khatris, Churus and Chamars all becoming Christian (btw many of them still retain their kes and turban after conversion because the Christians preach the Nazerite gospel to them) and yet, even after conversion, each of those groups still only marry into their own groups etc. The grouping system (or caste - whatever you want to call it) remains intact even after they become Christian.  None of this has anything (hardly) to do with caste. The few here still talking about it are embarrassing themselves with their lack of knowledge of what's happening on the ground.  We all knew and accepted that the one trick pony Dallysingh101 was always going to take the discussion in that direction but the rest of the posters should have been intelligent enough not to fall in his trap.

I started this thread a long time ago hoping it would provoke some serious intelligent thinking and, if you look back at the first couple of pages, I've pointed out a few times that the Christians are finding it easy in Punjab because we, the Punjabis, are just too unintelligent to figure simple things out. Nothing to do with caste...….especially as the new mass of converts in Punjab are mostly high ranking Jatts and Khatris. It has everything to do with education and intelligence. When you have a society in which 99.9% of the decent schools in the state are Christian schools, it paints a picture in simple minds that being a Christian is associated with higher intelligence. And this brings us to the wider subject of intelligence itself :

The late great comedian once insulted his live show audience by calling them brainless dogs. They were laughing at his jokes and they found them really funny but Bill Hicks was a man that demanded more than that. He knew they were genuinely laughing because they genuinely thought the jokes funny but he also knew that they were not fully understanding the long preamble that was setting up the jokes and to Bill, that was more important than the punchline itself. So, he likened them to dogs watching a magician perform a magic card trick. The intelligent mind goes to a magic trick show knowing that the whole point is to be deceived. He knows he's about to be duped and simply finds it entertaining watching the magician dupe him. To the brainless dog however, the 7 of spades and the jack of hearts are both nothing but images on a piece of card. They watch the trick and they like it but they are not being duped because they don't even have the basic understanding to know that there is deceit and dupeness happening. Same with the masses in Punjab. They are not being deceived because they don't have the mental faculty to understand deceit. Like Bill Hick's brainless audience and the Dog watching the magic trick show they are simply appreciating and then swallowing everything that is thrown at them. To them, it's a simple question of maths that adds up. To them, the equation that makes sense is this:  Best schools are Christian + Rich western world is Christian + Nazerite gospels preach not cutting hair = Successful life. No dupeness going on. It's just that Bill Hicks's proverbial 'brainless dogs' reside in the state of Punjab.



Any solutions?  Yes....we start with something simple - This is an ideal opportunity for all Punjabi Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus (including ravidassias) to come together, unite and work together.  Every Panchayat in every village in Punjab need to have discussions with their corresponding Tehsildars - make their concerns heard, i.e be on the look-out for and nip in the bud all attempts by Christians to purchase land around the firnis of each village. My understanding is that the land for these churches that have been springing up all over the place are being purchased by NRIs from North America who are very anxious and zealot about 'spreading the gospel of jesus' in Punjab.  When warning signs are triggered, i.e. the land is visible from main passing paved routes, the family are known to be Christian etc, the panchayat and tehsildar together must act to question the sale. None of this is new....What the Christians are doing in Punjab and how they're operating is not something new. I mentioned a few times on this thread - although nobody noticed - how the Christians in Punjab have taken a look at how the Sikhs have done things and copied the winning formula. Firstly, they took the  'our feelings and sentiments have been hurt' monster we created and ran with it for their own benefit, ensuring any criticism of them falls foul of criminal laws. Secondly, they looked at the purpose and position of the Nishan Sahib atop Gurdwaras across rural Punjab and ran with that too. They understood that by positioning the church and cross in strategic positions they could alter perceptions about the character of rural Punjab and by altering perceptions they were halfway there to conquering the mind. None of this is rocket science but all you guys on this thread talking absolute garbage need to start opening your eyes.


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Guest jigsaw_puzzled-singh

Actually, you know what, just refer back to something I wrote here in 2015 when Trump was just a TV reality show host and the right wing were looking for someone to be the front man of the new facist method. Here, in 2015, on the following thread, I warned all of you that the right wing are about to unleash a new type of politics and in this new politics the divisions between right and wrong...good and bad will be deliberately so obscured that you will not know what time it is. Indeed the politics will be so bad that what time it is will be more important to you. And herein lies a warning of the dire situation that will cause havoc for the entire world this November, December and January 2021.  Trump's made it clear that he won't necessarily accept the outcome of November's election and he's made it clear that postal votes is his reason. Anyone that knows anything about the mechanics of American 'democracy' knows that postal votes will be the deciding factor of the forthcoming US election and so Trump has already told us what he's going to do. And the connection between Trump and the Christian menace in Punjab ?   Every single Christian cross going up in Punjab is being funded by Trump supporting evangelicals in Texas, Kansas and Utah.

Here, in 2014/ 2015, in this thread, I said the following about the politics of confusion that is about to hit us. So, while I was here in 2014 warning of what was about to come what were you doing apart from ignoring my messages, making a toast and scratching your skid-marked backside ?




So, I'm reading through every single post in this thread and I've realised something....we, collectivey, are an incredibly uneducated community. We don't stand a chance. The right wing Hindu groups that are the catalyst for this thread must be reading all the posts here and laughing their heads off that they're facing such an easy opponent.

Nothing to do with the 'christian menace' as such....Thats another issue. The fact is we're not even clever enough to know what is being done to us right in front of our eyes.

Collectively,we're not well-read and intellectual enough to understand how Putin's new idea of politics by confusion is being embraced by organisations all over the world, incuding our own UK govt. In Russia, the way Putin did it was by actively supporting, both in principle and financially, a cross-section of groups totally at odds with each other such as neo-nazi skinheads AND anti-racism groups. The idea is that you make a series of contradictory statements...do a series of contradictory things thus ensuring your enemy is in such a constant state of confusion that he no longer knows who his enemies are, thus rendering him ineffective as an opponent. This is exactly what the right wing Hindu groups in Punjab, such as the RSS have done over the last couple of weeks. They've been doing things on behalf of Sikhs...and for the benefit of Sikhism....such as converting chrstians back to Sikhism not because they are nice people. Its because they are probably 2 or 3 steps intellectually ahead of us.

Let me eplain, this new 'Putin' way is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Governments and institutions (like the Hindu RSS) are embracing it fully. The beauty of it, from their point of view, is that it leaves those on the receiving end of it (as this thread demonstrates : us) so confused it (we) no longer can the good guys be distinguished from the bad guys. To find the beauty in it you have to look into the world of art, specificaly Putin's main political advisor Vladislav Surkov. Surkov came to Putin from the world of art, and he used deconstruction art principles in politics. In other worlds, he created unreal realities or real unrealities ....where good can be bad and bad can be good...so people won't even see or notice the bad things you do because you ensure their minds are permanently focussed on the good. So, no matter what you do, you will always be seen as good.

Read books my brothers and sisters. Get yourselves well-read. Follow current affairs. Make yourselves highly educated otherwise....as every single post in this thread clearly demonstrates......your enemies are going to easily run rings around you and make you impotent



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How Christianity is growing among Mazhabi Sikhs & Valmiki Hindus in Punjab’s villages

Christianity is growing in Punjab, mirroring what states like Tamil Nadu experienced in the 1980s and 1990s. Small churches are springing up on the rooftops of many villages.

SHUBHANGI MISRA 2 December, 2021 10:44 am IST
A Catholic church in Fatehgarh Churian, Gurdaspur | Shubhangi Misra | ThePrint A Catholic church in Fatehgarh Churian, Gurdaspur | Shubhangi Misra | ThePrint

Amritsar/Gurdaspur: Atop a roof in an obscure gully in Fatehgarh Churian, a Pentecostal church is in full swing. “Rabba rabba rabba rabba, pita parmeshwar teri aatma rahe… rabba rabba rabba rabba rabba…” a young boy raps into the mic, boosted to its maximum volume, adding to the trippy and eerie mood. The pastor places his hand on the heads of disciples as they shake violently. Some faint, others cry. But all are waiting for a miracle. 

Christianity is growing in Punjab, mirroring what states like Tamil Nadu experienced in the 1980s and 1990s. Small churches are springing up on the rooftops of many villages in Gurdaspur. Tired of centuries of casteism and systemic oppression, many Dalits, belonging to the Mazhabi Sikh and Valmiki Hindu communities living in Punjab’s border belt, have started looking to Christianity in the hope of a dignified life and access to better education. 

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