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    • There are good and bad ones. They are circumcised demons. Naa bheejat laand katae (Sri Dasam Granth).
    • Every religion wants white people in their ranks. But problem with that is they always try to push the homosexual agenda on the religion they adopt since homosexuality is mainly a white man's disease.
    • This is some scary sh1t !     its like a zombie that takes over you head!  is the animal actually dead? but the virus is whats making it move?   
    • Yeah not subtle at all! but i just said subtle because for you average Punjabi it might be subtle, or they might not even see it! They are so used to the cheesy bollywood movies i doubt they see any politics/agenda in any show!  The whole thing is so unrealistic! A Hindu girl kissing her boyfriend outside a Mandir and the Ganga river? really? not even the least of religious Hindu girls would do that in India All the Muslim characters so far have been shown it good light, the boy, the dancing girl, the older man with the hat, the viewers are supposed to sympathies with them! and they all are victims of the Hindu characters. The Muslim boy is a victim because the girls mother doesn't accept him because he is a Muslim, the older man in parliament has to put up with the Hindu politicians and the dancing girl has to put up with the Maharaja and have s3x with him!  Then the Mosque is a victim of the Hindu temple.  apart from the politics most of the characters are just soo cheesy and over the top! don't like any of them 
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