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dont want to marry anyone ever

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Thank you for your replies.

Most of the people have given reasonable and wise answers. For those who jugde me I'd like to say yes ill make my own decision of course. When did I state that I'll blindly do what people on a forum tell me.

Its a  sangat forum isn't it and who said we cant talk about issues? Its not a kaam thing and i dont want to hurt my parents etc I just cant justify losing myself to someone.  That person can change overnight once they are satisfied. They might change me too. 

Some people need to reread their posts and be nice or try to be atleast. 

Thank you to those who understand my situation n try to help. 

Bsingh87, the gurbani tuk isnt missquoted. Yes it means akal purakh but if we take it even akhri meaning it means dont do pakhand. Id be doing a pakhand if I wanted to stay celibate but had a lustful mind but wanted to show the world how strong minded or pure I was. He's helping by reminding me of that.



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On ‎08‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 10:54 AM, Guest human said:

Ameitdari girl early twenties strictest parents and I never want to trust anyone or be close to anyone ever. I cannot take that risk.parents are too backward and dont understand why I cant be with someone expecially a stanger. Mahraj doesnt say girls have to be with somone or have to marry so why do indian parents think there is no other option. I've decided to stay single and get on with life. I cannot wait around for a prince charming. I don't want to. How can I say this is there gurbani which exaplains this is ok?

sounds like you had a guy in mind, but your parents want it to be an arranged marriage.  Plus using terms as marrying a stranger is weird coming from an amritdhari who has full faith in Akal Purakh.  Trust Vaheguru as you trusted him when you were only one years old.  Who held your hand then, and fed you and bathed you, and stayed up late at night to take care of you?  You are in your early 20s, still a lot to learn from the world.  People seem to be nice outside of the family home, but they are very nasty people.  They are only good at putting up a front.  Plus the love stories you hear are only colorful in groups of people.  Reality is, they are the demons haunting the soul.  Focus on your education and become something.  In this world a good profession and money rules.  Blue collared people are abused and when they complain, the world turns around and kicks them in but and send them home with the pink slip.  Those who stick to Guru Sahib like glue, no matter what their situation is, will see the kirpa in their situation.  But turn to the Guru now and Satguru will take care of you.

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On 8/12/2016 at 6:54 PM, Guest human said:

Ameitdari girl early twenties strictest parents and I never want to trust anyone or be close to anyone ever.

I cannot wait around for a prince charming. I don't want to.

How can I say this is there gurbani which exaplains this is ok?

I am afraid, one has to use onés heart and mind in deciding what is good for oneself, or ask opinions of others, especially matured in life, but the final decision has to be of oneself.

As you asking/referring to Gurbani, to sort out your doubts on your decision for staying single or married, I would humbly say, Gurbani/Gurmat, is only for the relation of the sikh soul, with  Creator Wahiguru Akal Purukh, in that sense Gurbani is complete.

Guru Sahiban, come to release us from maya and matter, and reunite us with Wahiguru, that is their main purpose, and teach as to be most moral human beings, not hurting anybody for any reason, that is wickedness.

For only a pure heart, can tread the path of devotion.  Purity and devotion go hand by hand, because our purpose of walking on the path of Sikhee, is to merge ourselves in the most pure being : Akal Purukh., and that is possible, when we start walking from this our very present condition.

What ever your choices are, just do Ardaas to Him, so that whatever karam you may have in store, you may be able to stay in His bhaana, that is important.

Sat Sree Akal.



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1000s of yr back, yogis used to do bhagti in jungles leaving behind marriages and world, however only very very few used to meet God, others were failed by kaam krodh etc and some other wordly objects.

the main and strongest failure in most of the cases were kaam, it was the biggest obstruction in the path of God so guru nanak dev ji and other guru ji taught us a unique way in which u cannot fail.


they showed us thier life as a married man, which means even if kaam try to fail you, u are still with ur partner and u will not do any sin, 

guru granth sahibs main teaching is to focus on God by remaining in this world, not running away from it.

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