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    • It was an innate sense more than any type of brainwashing or being pushed into believing various things by anyone, BUT I suppose I was very much drawn to the deeply introspective, pacifist Sant movement as a child and a youth, which was very popular when I was growing up in the 90s, where love, light, goodness, unending meditation minus any actual physical participation in life, etc., were considered to be the total sum to which we must aspire rather than one particular half of the whole. In hindsight, I think that kind of mentality contributed to a demeanour that was overtly trusting and very, very forgiving. I was weak and soft. In essence, the necessary killer instinct every male needs to survive and succeed was dulled and eventually forced out of me by this irrational need to be a perfect, saintly being who was above the crass brusqueness of the material plane, lol. It required the death of a parent and the subsequent turbulence of a few other dark issues to overwhelm me throughout my teens and for much of my 20s for me to realise my entire mentality needed to change. I basically needed to rewire my brain, relearn everything I thought was true, and then begin from scratch. Truly, the most scariest thing in life is to challenge and dismantle what you've been lead to believe is true in every sense, because what your soul is telling you when you lay in bed at night doesn't equate with the world you're seeing through your new eyes which are now beginning to see something else.    The likes of Sunny Hundal operate from a place where their ideology and their activism stems from a detached, almost uninvolved exercise in protest where there are barely any personal stakes in it for them. It's not really a life and death situation for them, or something that's affected them on a deeply spiritual or existential level; it's more of an intellectual exercise or a pursuit of notoriety that comes from a belief system they've unquestioningly absorbed without challenge. It isn't something they've, to borrow an earlier phrase I used, formed in the crucible of adversity. That kind of belief and outlook doesn't breed the rage and the disenchantment and the anger that comes from betrayal and being discarded on the trash heap.    Yes, I'm strangely serene and calm with what's going on. Sometimes a spade is a spade, and there's no further explanation required. Other times it pays to be a little more thoughtful and critical. Being ahead of the curve, if not for the benefit of others, then at least for the sake of realising that voice inside is in good working order, is a positive attribute. Ultimately, if Corona comes knocking, I'm ready. It'll be a life cut short, but I realise Hukam is never wrong no matter how it appears to us.
    • True these nasty sexual frustrated guys have no limits. Also the reason why most muslim men sexually target and exploit non-muslim women they find them an easier target than muslim girls who they could be killed for by an angry muslim mob or the relatives of the girl. The poor girls of hindu, sikh and christian minorities in muslim countries are in constant danger and fear.
    • If we did nothing, we would be extinct. There would be no Sikhs left. It came to our survival as a quam. It is not desirable nor was it something that anyone wanted to do but it had to be done. You don't like the answers I gave you, only in your filtered mind you think is about saving face but that is the reality of life.  You are clearly young, naive indoctrinated SJW and you have not dealt with the hardships of life. One day, life will kick you in the balls and it will be a hard kick in the balls and you will realise what us half brains been telling you. Until that day comes..  
    • Now to save face you are changing what you said.  This is what cowards do.  You wrote "Sometimes to uphold dharma, adharma must be done unfortunately. " to a post which supported the killing and forceful removal of innocent people to drive them out of punjab in 1947.  Key word here innocent.  When I brought up Sant ji response to a baby being murdered in front of him and he will save the baby is what Gurbani teaches and it's not adharma.  I wrote this response to your half brain partner @proactive and you wrote a comment.  It's disgusting how you dirty uncles conduct yourselves here. 
    • this is what the british imperialist establishment used to eventually subdue the Sikhs of khalsa raj first militarily using traitorous agents then indoctrination telling occupied punjab sikhs they were helpless and then using Sikhi as a way to steer war wanting Sikhs to become baptised khalsa for the british indian army only not for safeguarding their religion and land. And then the indian establishment did the same to make Sikhs docile. It was only during 80s/90s that Sikhs woke up from the slumber and thought to themselves hang on why we getting treated like 2nd class citizens and letting non-sikhs telling us what to do in our own land and started a serious fight back to regain lost political sovereignty.  
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