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    • His wife was Payal Nath who was a Hindu. Apparently he is now having any affair with Nidhi Razdan, the NDTV anchor who is a Hindu Kashmiri. 
    • The goal seems to be drive the non-muslims out thats pretty clear therefore its an islamist/pakistani isi agenda because the Sikhs are not rising to the bait and hitting back at the moment. If we saw Sikhs hitting back and regularly we can say pro-india agent provocateurs or Sikhs are being funded by some agencies but there is no movement at the moment. The islamists did the same to hindu's of kashmir and india didnt help arm the hindu's to defend themselves. We can see the condition of afghan Sikhs and pakistani sikhs. Imagine if it was the indian govt behind it all and all the non-muslims were genocided and ethnically cleansed from afghanistan, pakistan and kashmir as the trends has been since 1947. what is it they would have to gain? only if Sikhs had reacted after chattisinghpora we could say the indian govt is behind it but now its been quite a few attacks and no reactions except the covert slow migration of afghan,  pakistani and kashmiri sikhs to india. Do we really think they are behind it when if non-muslims are gone from those lands that suddenly the islamists will just stop there? what objective will india have achieved? or will the islamists start then going into indian punjab? particularly border area's where jammu and kashmir meets punjab as has been the case with attacks on indian airbase in pathankot. On balance of big probability I can safely conclude it was the islamists.    
    • Yh you know the main road that runs through the shahr, one of the roads that goes off from the main road  its on there. When i used to go as a teenager it was small little mosque, when i went around 2 yrs back its now a really big double story building, they were constructing it back then, pretty sure its made now. they even had a halal shop outside. I once was by the mosque when their prayer finished and they were all walking out they were all UP wale speaking Hindi. There were so many! massive crowd walked out. all speaking Hindi.    One thing though when its the prayer time they dnt have the azaan blaring out on the speaker. Perhaps they are cautious how the locals would react or perhaps they been told not to do it ?  idnno  As the mosque has been made into a bigger building im guessing none of them are planning to leave any time soon!
    • Look no other religious community tries our girls like muslims do. Just avoid them at all costs.
    • I agree bro. Sikhs aren't xenophobic greedy cowards, but they aren't fools either and should take care of the Sangat first and foremost. 
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