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gutka ji question?

Guest paapi1113

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Guest paapi1113

gurfateh ji! recently i was gifted a gutka ji made from my city's gurdwara, the quality was not really good and one of the pages got ripped from it and i am beyond embarrassedand scared of this paap ive accidentally committed, i wish i was more careful, and i am an amritdhari, so my question is what do i do with this gutka ji now? & do i need to do pesh, and take amrit again? i feel that this is the worst thing ever done 

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Guest DonTworry

Don't worry Ji. It was a mistake and maharaj will forgive you. Trust me I am amritdhari and have done worse but maharaj always has daya. Do ardaas. Keep gutka wrapped and place it where you usually do. When a chance appears, have it agen bhet or repaired. There are a few gutka/pothi repairing services such as facebook.com/pothiseva. Don't let this issue occupy your mind any longer. Don't waste that energy, rather spend it on seva, simran or bani.

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