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    • A wholesome family gathering around a fire is nothing unique to punjabi culture.  Its naive to call this punjabi culture. However even this practice has changed among punjabi youth.  They sit around a fire, but the women and men are drinking alcohol and consider this just the start of a night.  Later on they get together and go clubbing.  White families call it camping or sitting around in the backyard on a friday evening in the summer.  what I have described how punjabis have changed over time and became more accepting of sexual appeal with their women is what punjabi culture has become and this has been driven mostly because of bhangra parties under the disguise of various wedding related functions. These functions have taken the punjabi culture ethos away.  Which you  choose to call harmless.  I get it, you are old washed up and don't want to see the reality of today's punjabi youth which are defining what is punjabi culture.  You want to give punjabi culture whether it be in uk, america, or canada a rosey look that it does not hold anymore and it has lost it for many decades ago.  The new generation define what punjabi culture is and yes they want to head in the direction of open relationships with multiple people, drinking alcohol with the women, and having multiple sexual partners, even if it's at one time.  This is punjabi culture today.  What you don't want to recognize is why this happened.   You called it harmless colors, which is comical. This harmless color has destroyed the core of punjabi culture.   any good that came to punjabis is because of Sikhi.  Before Sikhi punjabis were lower caste and had no rights.  Look at history and even bhagat kabir ji left the punjabi culture behind to join with Sikhi after meeting Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.  I spoke of the reality of today about punjabi culture.   You wanted to place a white sheet over it, hoping no one would lift it up and expose punjabi culture for what it has become.  
    • Word of caution: in Canada, they will only offer you a role if they cannot find a Canadian to do it. Also please note that Surrey is not a suburb of Vancouver  and is a city in it's own right. I think there are probably nearly half a million people living there now. So there are areas that not so pleasant as others in the city.  The pace of life there is  slower and being that you live in South East of England, you are more used to hustle and bustle . In general, the goreh over there are more outdoors type of people. They like hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting etc. People in general there are more friendly to strangers. What I mean by that is in London and in the home counties, people on public transport don't talk to each other. Over in Canada (generalising here), if you are on public transport, complete strangers will strike up a conversation with you. If you are from the UK, it will seem very strange as you won't be used to it. So prepare to adapt to a different environment. 
    • I'm looking at it from a cultural and religious identity point of view. Equally, I don't think we should be under any misapprehensions that having our own land will automatically solve all our problems. The people will have a huge role to play in increasing prosperity. Loafing around on motorbikes with no purpose, or holing yourself up doing nothing but paath all day isn't going to elevate the nation.
    • khalistan won't be ideal but it will be much better than present Indian occupied punjab. the amritdhari Singhs will be armed and it won't be easy for leaders to fool the masses. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD!
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