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95% of Sikhs living stupid lifestyle?


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Guest Jacfsing2
2 hours ago, Sukhvirk76 said:

Please expand upon what you mean by 'subjective truth types'.. Forgive me I'm a real pedant. 

Are you suggesting that you are not subjective? And your truth is and understanding is objective..? 



Truth isn't truth because you want to believe it to be true, truth is truth regardless. What do you mean I'm subjective, I've never called myself truth, the truth is Guru Sahib; I'm just a Paapi without him.

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43 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

Ignore this, dallsingh. The forum's being a pain in the behind again.


55 minutes ago, Sukhvirk76 said:

When bhai khaniya ji gave water to enemy soldiers he was praised by guru sahib for living to the higher principles of sikhi.. If we politicise our actions and say 'well we are under threat so need to be pragmatic', does this mean that we can pick and choose which parts of gurmat to uphold at anyone time? 

I think we've reached an impasse. Funnily enough I don't disagree with any of the fundamentals of what you've stated. Where we happen to differ is on the details; you have an admirable belief in human nature pertaining to the subject of religious adherence, whereas I believe a considerable dose of pragmatism is required to navigate the choppy waters of religious practice. It's all good as far as I'm concerned. Nice to have a grown-up, fair discussion with someone on this site that doesn't result in someone insulting your mother or claiming you suffer from a mental illness for daring to hold a different opinion. 

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