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    • I  saw a news piece today of well meaning Sikhs providing free langar/aid/shopping to people in southall and slough. Every time i hear of charity and religious groups helping people its always the Sikhs or Christians very rarely I'll see muslims, hindus and buddhists helping non-believers of their faith. Buddhists I don't hear ever doing anything for non-buddhists yet they command a religious following of 500 million+ believers in their ideology. They have 3-4 countries to their name also and generally have a better representation and PR than Sikhs. Afghan sikhs have long complained of persecution from local muslims and jihadi terrorists but most world governments drag their feet in helping them by not giving them urgent immediate refuge instead many in the past have had to risk their lives illegally traveling in shipping containers where a few died few years ago. Surely Sikhs are missing something here? It seems to me no matter how much our people do for charity for non-believers that will all be forgotten as soon as anything negative comes up. There needs to be a trade off. If a non-believer gets langar they must do something for Sikhs or Sikhi even if its just free sewa like wash the dishes. I was humbled when I saw an irish non-sikh guy who had an homelessness and alcoholic problem who used to come to my local gurdwara to get langer but in return as a give back to the community he used to wash the dishes. That guy has passed away now but it shows how much he appreciated and grateful to Sikhs and how Sikhs appreciated him in return. We need a something for something culture brought back not something for nothing as we all known when something is free it is not valued as its considered like air or water. When theres value to something people appreciate it alot more this is how human beings are and we need to wake up to that fact.
    • I agree its mother natures/God's will for whatever happens, we can't control it or accurately predict what the future may-hold. For me these maybe the possible positive outcomes, others may not see it this way are: Sikhs will learn to rely on each other and help each other. And be less tolerant of arrogant self promoting Sikhs who giving away sangat's hard earned money donations, food and aid to non-believers outside of guru's home and guru's kitchen. The sangat will come down on them like a tonne of bricks to stop their madness soon enough or just not donate to them. More people will turn to God and learn about and convert to sikhi. Liberal no IQ Sikhs will start to come back to the faith. Others with some intelligence will use their time to learn about Sikh faith and history read up on important aspects of Sikhi they may have misjudged or not understood before. Hardship will make Sikhs more eager to defend Sikhi and less tolerant of aggressors like in 1980s/90s House prices will come down eventually meaning they will start to become affordable for first time buyers During the lock down or periods of unemployment we can use our time more time to better educate ourselves There's less pollution in the skies and rivers now that less people are out and about in heavy industries. The rich and poor are in the same boat this virus has shown it doesn't discriminate nations, ethnicity, religions, wealth, etc. It has leveled everyone to the same level of having to stay indoors unless they an essential worker    
    • This list needs to be extended to cover a few more kaanjars
    • That video posted by shaster singh maybe  "fake news" and filmed years ago before this corona thing broke out but make no mistake here is disgusting shaytanic isis type of muslims out there that want to harm peaceful muslims and non-muslims alike. I saw posts by many muslim on social media like instagram in january stating that coronavirus is divine punishment from allah against the chinese for their treatment of ughiur muslims putting them in re-education camps. Disgusting muslim zealots like the ones below:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkHg7BdCF8s        
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