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    • At least the environment is getting a long overdue break from pollution! Probably the best Mata Tharat has had it since the industrial revolution!
    • The Abrahamics are great plagiarists and took a lot of concepts of other civilisations as their own. For example, Noah and the floods. The tale of floods come from many ancient civilisations. It is known that there was an ancient civilisation which was lost around the time of the last ice age. There were massive floods.
    • I would say it it's alot earlier than that it was during the times of banda singh bahadur that Sikhs started this revolution in military fight back. When guru hargobind sahib ji and  guru gobind singh ji were alive they fought the most righteous fight against the enemies for survival. Never going beyond the limits of warfare such as targeting killing civilians, capturing enemy women/rape, destroying whole area's their mission wasn't actively seeking enemy troops, capturing and liberating lands their mission was to spread sikhi dharam the righteous path for humanity to follow. It was during banda singh bahadur's time that Sikhs become more serious ruthless killer types using ancient Rajput warfare tactics and skills. Plus it's the hot punjabi blood, the DNA, the bravado culture together with scriptures that sanction Sikhs during war to enjoy and seek martyrdom in battlefield to have mukthi liberation from cycle of birth and death that most sikhs have inherited (but some may have forgotten) that was the driving force behind switching from a very peaceful community to ruthless mass killing pyscho rambo types willing to go to any excess to defeat the anti-sikh enemy. It's a good thing Sikhs remain peaceful because the opposite would be a nightmare for any enemy to face as the indian government learn in the 80s/90s. Alexander the greek also too learnt the hard way when he entered the punjab and faced king pourava (king porous). The western historians make out that he won and he let the punjabi king stay alive. Yet we know Alexander never spared his enemy opponents they were made examples of and killed ruthlessly. There's something about punjab that breeds heros and diehard noble brave-hearts who fight the righteous fight when required.
    • Maybe I'm being uncharacteristically optimistic about all this? I'm really hoping some strong appreciation of self-reliance comes out of this.  We need a complete economic and cultural change globally. We can't just keep following the poorly thought out western models of perpetual growth (personified by people like Trump). If the vulnerability of that way of thinking isn't apparent now, then the world is an <banned word filter activated>! You know we had Brexit here because people wanted to have better opportunities for the people already here. Panjab needs the same, ideally we want liveable wages which are impacted by cheap competition. If Panjabis could do their own work and be paid more for it, that would stop a lot of our problems. You know, smaller scale with better wages. So food could be more expensive and the price kicked down to the growers. A focus on supplying on mainly a regional basis. Stuff like that. Who am I kidding, our lot never think out of the dubbah.  
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