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    • I’ve long seen what Bollywood promotes and it’s stuff like sex before marriage, “living in”, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and putting down Sikhs. It’s why i abhor it and don’t watch it. I see many apni girls who look up to Bollywood. They are influenced by it, heavily so. Bollywood is a force of evil. 
    • not just Punjabis tbh  other northern states like haryana, rajasthan and uttar pradesh also have a high rate of selective aborting. In fact i think haryanas is even higher than Punjab.     tbh north indian culture is fkced up!   rough culture, everything is based around honor, caste system is also a lot worse in the north than in the south.   Rajasthan has the highest rate of violence against women than any other state in India. Drug and alcohol problems in the northern states as well.  no wonder south india is progressing faster.    the culture and mentality of the north western states seems to be similar to our neighbor.  I think the reason the northern states are like that is because they were under foreign occupation for a 1000 years. being oppressed and suffocated for a 1000 years made the whole population depressed, anxious and live in fear,  there was no space or freedom to develop a sophisticated culture. to develop a culture you need freedom of expression and dignity which was denied by the foreigners that ruled the northern regions. The muslim invasion hardly had much influence in the south.   North indian mentality is deeply routed   its not just a coincidence. It would be interesting to know about the use of alcohol during the invasions. its not surprising that the local men started drinking heavily during the 1000 years of invasion     alcohol probably was used as a get away while living in anxiety and constant fear for centuries.     all of this is very deep routed stuff  
    • Karma is a balancing force apparently. If that is true then humanity (Punjabis in particular ) are due a glut of female babies due to the millions that have been 'selectively' aborted or killed over the years. 
    • Yeah the idea is predictive programming, where these elites tell the public directly but subtly to prepare them for further manipulation.  https://www.disclose.tv/what-is-predictive-programming-308356   This whole video is about 9/11 being 'predicted' in all media forms starting in the 1970's. There's also the point that we have a culture that dismisses anything of this sort as conspiracy leading to ridicule,when it's mass manipulation of the public. How much more is out there that we really don't know,that we never will know?  I mean for technology, Nikola Tesla predicted the existence of cell phones 100 years ago and he had some method of giving electricity to the whole world for free wirelessly, but then big oil companies like Rockfeller suppressed his project and the government supposedly took the blueprints away. Then you have stuff like this popping up. Even virtual reality was in development in the 50's. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Sensorama+1950s&atb=v168-1&iax=images&ia=images&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fimage.slidesharecdn.com%2Fvirtualrealityvrglasses-170508062203%2F95%2Fvirtual-reality-amp-vr-glasses-5-638.jpg%3Fcb%3D1494224575  
    • Will be very kind if u provide the references Thank you 

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