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Captain amrinder of congress party bribed and motivated punjabi youth with promise of free mobile phones

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We all know now the harmful effects of digital addiction. So the badal akali dal party bribed people with alcohol and other nashay to get their votes and now we have congress party bribed the punjabi youth to support them and become their workers and vote for them.

Both (badal akali dal and congress party) using underhand tactics to win elections and destructive addictions to trap the youth into their anti-sikh agenda's.


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1 minute ago, MisterrSingh said:

More fool the Indian youth for being so easily bought. They had a choice. They could've said no thanks.

Our people have come to have such low expectations of each other that even this simple move is almost incomprehensible amongst us. It's like we have become conditioned to expect and except the stupidest and most short-sighted decision making as normal. 


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