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Help marriage issue

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Guest Jacfsing2
9 minutes ago, muscleman said:

I like reading your posts but that doesn't mean I agree with everything you say!  I agree with most of the stuff you say but not everything! Sorry to disappointment you.

Mate look at your recent history: 95% of it has been attacks against me: 

Now by any standard you are clearly trolling me for whatever reason I don't know and your chicken to speak-up against anyone else. Just look at your response to @sikhojaggo and we can see that you simply want to pick on me.

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Here is another video relating to this topic. Wish you the best, brother.

How is it we as Sikhs, acknowledging caste at all? THAT IS NOT SIKHI

@Jacfsing2 paji, this isn't wise to advice Gurvir ji to do by applying Gurbani to his situation by lieng. I understand what you are trying to say, of what Guruji words are, but advising OP to say he's

Unfortunately things didnt go well and her family refused to meet me and in the end she decided to stop meeting me too and go with what her parents wanted.

I tried to reason and say she should follow what she believes and thinks is right but now thinks that her parents are right for some reason. Maybe she said that to stop me pursuing her.

I've just tried to keep busy with work and doing more simran etc. I guess it wasnt meant to be, I have no doubts that Mahraj has his reasons and has a different path for me.

Thanks for all of your concern and advice, I appreciate it.

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