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Baba ji's words on our state

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Guest Jacfsing2

I liked this video, but if education was the reason for Deras then why hasn't any major or serious deras opened in the diaspora, where some liberal Gurdwaras seemingly still do manmat?

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15 minutes ago, Jacfsing2 said:

I liked this video, but if education was the reason for Deras then why hasn't any major or serious deras opened in the diaspora, where some liberal Gurdwaras seemingly still do manmat?

we have alternate problems of apostacy of our kids to atheism or other faiths ... and the pakhandi babey have feelers out here too there is massive RS following in Uk despite rare coming and goings of Babey here but it is a costly operation so most just stay comfy in India . Would we consider missionaries a form of Derawad ? if so , then this is the major problem we have directly on our stages not just in alternate places.

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