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How Missionary Jatha Got Influence?

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16 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

The majority of the Panth hold these pro-Gurmat views as espoused by Dhadrianwale, Panthpreet, Dhunda, Dhapali, Shaheed Bhai Bhupinder Singh etc. The majority of the Panth does not want to see Bachittar Natak placed parallel alongside Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj at Gurdwara's as was done so until the liberation of Gurdwara's from the control of Hindu Mahants. The majority of the Panth rejects the assertion that our Guru Sahibaan were Hindu Kings from only two clans in their alleged previous lives.

The majority? What survey have you done to see where the majority lie?


If these miss nari cretins had the support of the majority, why did they not win the Delhi Gurdwara elections ? Sarna gave these fools total freedom to spew venom against Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth for years, but Banta Singh and Gurpreet Singh undid all their stupidity in 6 months. Now tell me where the majority of the Panth stands?


As for parallel parkash, it has been done for centuries at various places, iniitiated by Sikhs who knew far more about Gurmat than you or I or your miss nari role models ever will, so it is good enough for me. It will never change no matter how many lies you or dhundlu tell.


16 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

Not at all - the pro-Sikhi pro-SGGS Khalsa Panth alliance of pro-Gurmat parcharaks like Dhadrianwale and Panthpreet that you term as missionaries emphasise that practical actions for the benefit of humanity are the most true form of naam simran as opposed to sitting down and counting how many times one can repeat Vaheguru according to a reward system allocated by the Dera Mukhi depending on the numbers of times of repetition without contemplation and without any accompanying action to uplift those less fortunate.


The three main principles of Gurmat, are naam Simran Krit krni and wand shakna. But Naam SImran is the bedrock of the other two. Your gurus want to deny naam simran and call it silly names and discourage other Sikhs from doing naam simran as well. No Sikh Dera mukhi allocates anything to anyone whorepeats Naam. Only Waheguru does. Sant Dhanrianwale always used to do naam simran until recently. maybe he has been infected with gandpreets venom as well.


17 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

Please give one example of where Dhadrianwale, Panthpreet, Dhunda, Dhapali, Shaheed Bhai Bhupinder Singh (murdered by DDT) have stated that the Khalsa Panth should not keep kes. Kala Afghana is one man who has nothing to do with centuries old pro-Gurmat pro-Sikh pro-SGGS views held by the Khalsa Panth all the way since 1699.


yet your precious dhundla along witrh the other miss naris use kali faghanis books as the only resource for sikhi.


17 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

Let's examine your claims about Nanaksar, Taksal and the Dals:


yes let's. I'm talking about the instituions, not the people within them. If you want to talk about people in them look at the rapist kali faghani, the bus condiuctor who stole money and was sacked - jeonwala, the electircity board employee who stole from his employers - inder ghuggu, let's talk about ghuggus daughter who whilst unmarried got pregnant from a man who marriage she destroyed.


17 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

Sikhi is all about social welfare. What we do as Sikhs to uplift those within the Qaum and others who are suffering is 99% of what Sikhi is about. The pro-Gurmat camp are at the forefront of attacking the silent Genocide via female infanticide, drugs, cancer, biraderi apartheid, poverty, illiteracy and long may that continue.


No it is not. Sikhi is all about living in hukam. We have a duty to live by ALL aspects of sikhi, including Naam Simran, Krit karni and vand shakna. If the so-called "pro-gurmat" camp wanted to tackle these socials evils with a sincere heart then they would have without attacking anyone.


Who did Bhai Ghaneya attack? No-one, he worked for the scial welfare of all.


Who haven't the miss naris attacked? No-one, everyone and every Sikh institution bar themselves is a target. You want to eradicate femlae infanticide by creating shanka over Naam Simran, Amrit, Dasam Granth, Nanaksar? You will never win.


17 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

But all that's being requested is ... Just let the ordinary pro-Gurmat majority of Sangat with the likes of Panthpreet and Dhadrianwale et al who believe in ikko Guru Maneyo Granth to try focus on the silent Genocide affecting our Qaum re drugs, infanticide, cancer, declining fertility, poverty, biraderi apartheid without killing them as fellow Sikhs.


Why shouldn't gandpreet and dhundla just focus on social welfare then? The day they gain their senses they will stop attacking other Sikhs and Sikh institutions and focus on what needs to be done. How is insulting others fighting infanticide drugs etc?


17 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

You misunderstand bir'ay. To each his own thing. If Damdami Taksal want to kill fellow Sikhs and propagate that ideology that's your choice. If you want to organise flight tours to Pakistan so that the Pakistani descendents responsible for the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs can earn hard earned money off Sikhs while our Qaum are dying from lack of money to fight infanticide, drugs, poverty, cancer etc then that's fine.


Bi-ray, then shut your damned mouth and keep your black nose out of other people's affairs and concentrate on what you need to do Bi-ray.



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16 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

Sikhs should be able to "agree to disagree" respectfully.


But should Siksh tell open lies on a Sikh forum? Time and time again you have said that Taksal openly canvassed for Congress Party votes in 1980 elections. Time and time again i have asked you to provide any evidence for you claim. Time and time again, you refuse but repeat the same allegation. Bi-ray why won't you answer?


14 hours ago, SinghSabha1699 said:

However, in relation to what is stated in Bachittar Natak below it is not related to Ram Chander but the insinuation that GurGaddi was not chosen upon the basis of bibek buddhi and kamai between 1469-1708 but instead was divided up akin to a business deal in previous lives by a bunch of Hindu Kings enthralled by the Vedas.


The first three gurgaadi passings were based on hukam. Those that obeyed the Guru were supreme. You and your bibek budhi nonsense here. If Bhai lehna had used Bibek Budhi, he would never have climbed the tree to pick sweets, Bhai Lehna would never have agreed with Guru Nanak that it was nightime when it was daytime. Nor was kamai any part of it. Baba Budha never had kamai? Why didn't Baba Budha become next Guru ?


You aren't fooling anyone here with your rubbish bi'ray.


Try readiing about gurmat and history from better sources rather than your american council chump baldev.


6 hours ago, Jacfsing2 said:

Before we actually continue any further and me giving my view on this: do you believe in Dasam Granth?


He doesn't beleive in gurmat, never Dasam Granth. he is a darshan panthi.


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On 22/04/2017 at 10:56 PM, genie said:

Parchaarik means missionary there's no difference really ones in punjabi other in english.

The uneducated low IQ indians and illiterate Sikhs in punjab are going around defaming the term missionary in an attempt to be politically correct and not to show intolerance to christians and muslim missionaries so they generalise their attack on the word "missionary" rather than attacking the individual anti-sikh abrahmic and personality cult missionaries

We need proudly say we are Sikh missionaries. I have personally made it my mission to convert non-sikhs from their backward and filth ideologies. I have made social media posts, help share inspirational sikh convert videos and many other forms of propaganda to help people embrace Sikhi from islam and Christianity mostly.

I'm going to be focusing hindu extremists next I want to target the hindu extremists hard where it hurts and convert their ignorant monkey and cow worshipping people from their filthy evil anti-sikh and anti-khalistan ideologies.

preacher is a better word than missionary because we do not have a MISSION to gain something for ourselves by changing others but by expounding the word of Truth and giving guidance on how to live better without knocking the people. Missionaries tend to approach it from a we are right/better, you are hellbound kind of mentality , which feeds the ego: a dangerous activity . 

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