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    • I'm from the UK, so I've never played kabaddi, though I think there are kabaddi teams in the UK.  We have teams from Punjab that get invited to the UK to take part in Kabaddi tournaments.  My dad took me to a few Kabaddi tournaments as a kid in Southall.  I remember being quite traumatised by the drunken behavior of the audience!  maybe things have changed now!   But in India I think alcohol is banned at Kabaddi matches? it's good how Kabaddi tournaments take place outside Gurdware in Punjab. They do Ardas before the match, jakare, the granthi Singh is sometimes involved in giving the trophies, I've seen matches where they narrate our Sikh ithiaas etc  it's a great move how they include Sikhi in Kabaddi.    
    • Totally Agree on that. 
    • Yes I totally agree.
    • I have sisters and cousins who as westerners have married indians. So please share ur advice openly. I think it can help a lot of people.  There is a big cultural difference. Like i know an indian women and her only condition upon marriage was that yhe husband not yell or humiliate her in front of people. If he wants to yell her or hit her he can do so in private. I was shocked. As a westerner that is such a low standard. Most women here would expect the husband to he constantly asking about their welfare and being kind. And showing his appreciation through gifts and helping with the housework. I think indian women have low expectations and know they are getting another relative/relation which will be filled with problems. Also to the OP. There was a divorce lawyer i think. She believed divorce was was good. But after years of getting women to divorce, she realized she had made a mistake. She wrote a book about it and said the only reason divorce should be done is abuse, and adultery. Because the women were always worse off after divorce. They would not find a better person to marry. And being a single mom is hard.
    • Many Arabian goddesses are the same as Indian goddesses, they had a goddess sitting on a swan, like Saraswati, another on a lion like Durga. These same goddesses appear in other cultures too. They discovered a 40,000 year old figure in Europe of a man with a lions head, like Narsingh. There was a Egyptian God with a lions head as well.  So, I guess these same devi/devte were worshipped all around the world, but today they are only worshipped in India. Question is, were these Devi/Devte Indians ? lol    or were they another race but Indians adopted them and gave them Indian names and faces. Or maybe Devi/Devte are beyond race ... Just a guess from me ... 
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