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I started this thread because I think we need to invest into Punjab and fix it, Punjab needs Literate youths,  more education, more industries, destroyal of the caste system, we need to fix the Drug and Water Crisis, A excellent link to some videos have been sent to me in my messages.





And the same user made a great post about this problem in the Khalistan thread.

What are some ways we can Fix Punjab, name some problems and solutions, some organizations that is fixing punjab, and we need to actually invest money and donate and help the cause instead of just talking about it on the forums, We together as a community can not only fix punjab and help the youth but we can make India and the Future a better place together!

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6 hours ago, Ranjeet01 said:

Fixing Punjab means Sikhs putting Sikhs first.

The minute you start improving Punjab means that every other community will swarm into Punjab and then try to take over.

Our equalism means that we put ourselves last and everyone first.

Put ourselves first then help others.


Punjab is a secular state 

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