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Not Sardar Jokes : Stand-Up Comedy by Vikramjit Singh

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An indian origin guy goes for a job interview. Interviewer : "Can you please write your name in English on this paper?"   Interviewer : "Are you sure this is your name" Man : "Of course,

An old Arab lived close to New York City for more than 40 years. He would have loved to plant potatoes in his garden, but he is alone, old and weak. His son is in college in Paris, so the old man

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A farmer’s wife was terribly jealous.

Evening after evening she subjected her husband to a searching inspection.

When she would find even a single hair on his coat there would be a terrible scene.

One night she found nothing,  so she screamed now it’s a bald-headed woman.




The father of five children


The father of five children had won a toy at a raffle.

He called his kids together to ask which one should have the present.

Who is the most obedient? he asked

Who never talks back to mother?

Who does everything she says?

Five small voices answered in unison

Okay dad you get the toy .




A man was brought to Mercy Hospital and taken in for coronary surgery

The operation went well and as the groggy man regained consciousness.

He was reassured by a Sister of Mercy who was waiting by his bed.

Mr Smith you re going to be just fine said the nun gently patting his hand.

We do need to know however how you intend to pay for your stay here.

Are you covered by insurance?

No I m not the man whispered hoarsely.

Can you pay in cash? persisted the nun.

I m afraid I cannot Sister.

Well do you have any close relatives? the nun asked.

Just my sister in Mexico he volunteered.

But she is a humble spinster nun.

Oh I must correct you Mr Smith, Nuns are not spinsters.

They are married to God.

Wonderful said Mr Smith,

In that case

please send the bill to my brother-in-law .


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Heart Da Mareej

Ik Premi Ohdi Premika Nu: “Tainu Dekhde Hi Meri Nashaa Ch Khoon Dauran Lag Painda Hai,
Akhan Ch Ajeeb Jehi Garmi Aa Jaandi Hai,
Sara Sareer Kamban Ja Lag Jaanda Hai Te Mera Dil Jor Jor Di Dhadkada Hai.”
Premika: “Tu Taan Yaar, Lagda Koi Heart Da Mareej Takkar Geya Mainu.”

Falling in Love

Boyfriend Apni Girlfriend Nu “I Love You” Kehnda Hai Te Gir Painda Hai,
Girlfriend: Ae Tusi Ki Kar Rahe Ho?
Boyfriend: I am Falling in Love.


Ik  jyotish Wala Joke

Ik jyotish Pappu nu: Beta, Tere Ghar Ch Bhootni Da Saya Hai
Pappu: jyotish ji, main Tainu Bada Maranga, Je Meri Wife De Baare Kuch Boelya...
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A tale of "beggars" ....


In New York, two beggars were sitting side by side, one with "OM" sign and the other with "CROSS" sign.

People passing that area were giving dirty 😡 look to the beggar carrying the OM sign but giving a dollar to the one carrying the CROSS sign.

This was going on, when a father of a church was passing by and noticed this. He came to beggar who was carrying the OM sign and told him that you are in a country, where people follow Christianity.

You being a Hindu, will hardly get any alms.

Just to make you feel jealous and frustrated, people are giving dollars to your counterpart.

After the Father left, the beggar carrying the OM sign said the following in Gujarati to his counterpart:-

"Jignesh Bhai"?

"Yes Mansukh Bhai"

Now, this Father is trying to teach us how to do business.


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An Islamic preacher  got into a  cab in London. He curtly asked the cabbie :
'' Brother, Please Turn Off the radio, because as decreed by holy Q'uran, I must not listen to music because in the time of the prophet there was no music, especially Western Music, which is the Music Of The Infidel......''

The cab driver Politely Switched Off the radio, stopped the cab and opened the door.
The preacher questioned him :
'' Brother, What are you doing.....???? ''

The Cabbie Answered Politely :
" In the time of the prophet there were :

No Taxis,
 No Bombs,
No Plane Hijacks,
No West Invented Loud Speakers in Mosques that woke Up newly born, Elderly And The Sick At Unearthly Hours,
_No Suicide Attacks,
 No RDX,
No AK 56,
ONLY  '' PEACE '' Everywhere...

So Shut Up , Get out And Wait For A Camel......."

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A Student who got 0% Marks, was surprised because his all answers were seemingly correct !
Read his answers and have a blast.

Q.1 - In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die ?..

Ans. - In his Last Battle..

Q.2 - Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?

Ans. - At the Bottom of the Page..

Q.3 - What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..

Ans. - Marriage..

Q.4 - Ganga Flows in which State ?..

Ans. - Liquid State..

Q.5 - When was Mahatma Gandhi Born ?..

Ans.- On His Birthday..

Q.6 - How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People ?..

Ans - By Preparing Mango Shake..!!

Q.7 - India Me saal bhar Sabse Zyada Baraf Kaha Girti Hai...???

Awesome Reply By Student :- "Daaru K Glass Me..."

Q. 8 - Why Hindu Law does not permit Second Marriage...???

Answer :
Indian Constitution - Article 20(2)-says, "No man can be punished twice for same offence"

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Job Interview.


OFFICER:- What is your name?

Manoj :-  M.P. sir

OFFICER:- In full please

Manoj :-  Manoj Pandey

OFFICER:- Your father's name?

Manoj:-  M.P. sir

OFFICER:- What does that mean?

Manoj:-  Madan Pandey

OFFICER:- Your native place?

Manoj:   M.P. sir

OFFICER:- What's that?

*Manoj:-  Madhya pradesh

OFFICER:- What is your qualification?

Manoj:-  M.P.

OFFICER:- (angry) What is that?!!!

Manoj:-  Matric Pass

OFFICER:- So why do you need a job?

Manoj:-   It is because of M.P. sir

OFFICER:   Meaning?

Manoj:-  Money Problem

OFFICER:- Would you explain yourself and stop wasting my time?

What's your  personality like?

Manoj:    MP sir.

OFFICER:   And what is that?

Manoj:-  Marvelous Personality

OFFICER:- I see... I will get back to you.

Manoj:-  Sir, how was M.P. sir?

OFFICER:- And what's that again?

Manoj:-   My Performance.

OFFICER:-  I think you have M.P.

Manoj:-   Meaning?

OFFICER:-  Mental Problem!!!
Don't laugh alone.
Send this to M.P. (Many People) 
to put a smile on their faces. 

I have sent this to u, because u are M.P. (My People).

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    • Defence Secretary Ben Wallace admits 20-year military campaign in Afghanistan ended in failure - and fears grieving parents will think their sons and daughters died for nothing Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the Afghanistan campaign was a failure He fears families of dead personnel will feel their sacrifice was for nothing  He said Britain and her allies were right to stay in Afghanistan for 20 years  The Defence Secretary has admitted the 20-year military campaign in Afghanistan – which cost the lives of hundreds of British troops – ended in failure. A year after the Taliban swept back into power, Ben Wallace said he feared grieving parents would wonder: ‘What was it all for?’ Monday marks the anniversary of the Islamist militants walking unopposed into Kabul, sparking a frantic fortnight that saw Western troops pack up and leave. In an exclusive interview, Mr Wallace described his feelings as everything UK troops had fought and died for ‘crumbled before our eyes’.   British service personnel, including the Royal Marine Commandos, pictured, spent 20 years battling the Taliban before withdrawing almost one year ago     Mr Wallace spoke to the Daily Mail to mark the first anniversary of Operation Pitting, the UK’s largest evacuation effort since the Second World War. More than 1,000 personnel were involved in a death-defying mission to rescue UK nationals and entitled locals after the Taliban swept aside Western-trained Afghan forces with embarrassing ease. Mr Wallace, a father of three, was working all hours and suffering sleepless nights after receiving death threats from animal rights extremists – who thought dogs should be prioritised as part of the airlift. He was enjoying a rare opportunity to spend time with his 11-year-old son when they saw a memorial to Guardsman Michael Sweeney, 19, in Blyth, Northumberland. Mr Wallace said: ‘It was a rare evening off and we had been working all hours. I wasn’t getting to see much of my family. ‘But my son and I went for a walk and saw Gdsm Sweeney’s war memorial, which was immaculately kept. He was the only soldier from Blyth killed in Afghanistan. I looked at the picture of him and I looked at my son. ‘Then it occurred to me – this young man had died for the very event that was collapsing before our eyes. ‘And I thought about his mother and father who’d lost a teenage son, and experienced such loss. And what was it all for? ‘I worried that was the question the families of fallen troops would ask themselves. I worried they’d think it was for nothing, when actually Afghanistan meant so much. ‘We’d gone there for the right reasons and stayed for 20 years, we’d done security, economic development, education, but we’d failed. ‘And history told us when the West left the country, it was going to go back to how it had been. We were leaving people behind, conceding the country to the Taliban... mainly because the West didn’t really want to stay. And if they didn’t want to stay, why did they go there at all?’ Asked why he felt it so personally, Mr Wallace, a former Scots Guards officer, said: ‘Because I’m a soldier. Because it is sad and the West has done what it’s done. We have to do our best to get people out and stand by our obligations.’ The Taliban’s resurgence in late 2020 and early 2021 had severe implications for a brave cohort of Afghans who had risked their lives to support British military and diplomatic operations in the country. The Daily Mail’s award-winning Betrayal of the Brave campaign led to the Government gradually doing more to help the thousands of former translators, guards and other staff resettle in the UK. But the consensus remains among campaigners that Britain moved too slowly to help. Mr Wallace said: ‘When we started the relocation scheme they were not queuing up in their thousands, the country was stable enough. What we hadn’t done then was bring many people back. ‘But suddenly, as the fabric of the country began to fold, these people suddenly became very vulnerable. We didn’t just turn up at the airport and there was a coherent plan. Given another ten days we would have got almost everyone out. ‘Launching Operation Pitting, it was one of those times in government when you don’t know the outcome of what you’re intending to do. ‘We’d done a reconnaissance visit some months beforehand but even so, when the Paras and 16 Air Assault went down there, they didn’t know what they’d find. Nobody could have predicted such a rapid collapse of the Afghan government. In the aftermath we didn’t know whether the Afghans were going to turn nasty.’ Mr Wallace’s worst fears were realised on August 26 when an Islamic State suicide bomber killed 13 US troops and at least 170 Afghans outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport. A year after Operation Pitting, Mr Wallace told the Mail: ‘In terms of the British Government’s response, I don’t have regrets. I am proud of the Afghan relocation scheme (ARAP) – it is still going and will keep going. More people are arriving here every week. We stood by our word and got those people out. On my watch, we did our very best.’   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11107691/Defence-Secretary-Ben-Wallace-admits-20-year-military-campaign-Afghanistan-ended-failure.html    
    • Was wondering about the different style of this women's bow compared to the shorter Turkish chachi ones discussed earlier. It seems to be a different style - very likely Mongolian?
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