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Pakistani Muslim :' YOU DIRTY LITTLE SIKH B#### ' While in the act of rape

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get real they would listen and still ignore they are totally lost ...I mean there were plenty of comments demanding details of the 13 year old who went missing from seven kings , if she had been groom

The time has now come when every Sikh woman got to watch out for her friends and her friends daughters. The disease of Islam is upon us.  I always warn my sikh friends when they get approached by

If only we could get a validated recording or video of the perpetrator saying such stuff Then at least it would shut up the shameless left wing liberal islamo-apologist punjabi's who can only be

5 hours ago, Hammertime007 said:

If the pakis don't care what faith the victim is why don't they do it to their own?  

‘One of the local Pakistani women’s group described how Pakistani-heritage girls targeted by taxi drivers and on occasion by older men lying in wait outside school gates at dinner times and after school. They also cited cases in Rotherham where Pakistani landlords had befriended Pakistani women and girls in their own for purposes of sex, then passed on their names to other men who had then contacted them for sex. The women and girls feared reporting such incidents to the Police because it would affect their future marriage prospects’


There was an extensive report released a few years ago on Muslim girls being groomed: http://www.mwnuk.co.uk/go_files/resources/UnheardVoices.pdf

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