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Lost the one I love

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You lost nothing, because you owned nothing. There will always be those special people in our lives who will make our day, and sometimes it makes us sad that they can't be closer, this can be anything, from a close friend, a good relative, romantic interests, or even a pet or whatever you have a connection to. You may have loved them, or you may not love them, the simple fact is that the time-frame from when you even had a chance of making anything happen has long passed, especially since she's been married.

Next is you never even tried to start anything, so nothing would've happened, whether that would be because you ackwolegde the social structure, or because you were shy, in your Hukam it was never going to happen, and it will never happen.

So, even with these special people in our lives, when they are gone from our life, either because of scenarios like yours, or whether they have some benefit, we must accept moving on. Don't be holding some grudge for it, or let it take over your life.

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Gurbani teaches us that this world is like a dream, nothing here you see is going to go with you when messenger of death will come to you.

The problem you are facing is the same most of the youth is facing today. Its called emotional attachment.


Gurbani says help everyone without expecting anything is return, means live in this world but remain de-attached .


Give God the first place in your heart and second position to your parents especially mother.


Anybody else deserves 3rd place even though if she's your wife (my view).

Remain attached to bani, do paath regularly , almighty God will give you power like a flower , drops of water fall on petals, but flower doesn't keep them.

It is freshed by water daily but it doesn't keep it. 


Be like a flower, totally miles away from tension and un-necessary over-attachment.


Dnt get over attached, you are allowed to get only attached. The moment byou will cross line, you will one day reap Pain then whether its life partner's love ir children's love .


Do paath regularly you will surely become flower then.

No path means no progress. 

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