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Sorry folks, this is not another post to ridicule someone/ group of people ;p Instead, we need to look at ourselves and ask, what IS happening? What the 10 Guru Sahibs did for us... is priceless! Literally priceless. From Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Eternal Guru Granth Sahib Ji! By listening to constant katha and prachaars I am sure we know little, some or in great detail about the Guru Ji's prachaar and all the Sikhs during their times.

We need to ask ourselves a few questions, do we go Gurudwara everyday? Do we aim to learn one new thing in Katha and prayers? Do we aim to spend five minutes in seva? OR... Do we look at others and decide, the mona who passed away is going to hell as he died a mona, that Gursikh eats Veggie burger that gives chicken taste, he's not going to get Sachkhand anytime soon, that woman drinks too much... AND we give other lectures, as "You're not Amritdhari? what if you die tomorrow?" (annoyingly common)! 

SANGAT JIO! We need to focus on ourselves internally than externally. Whatever our path/ spiritual level is at, only Maharaja and we ourselves should know. So, externally we can identify others by their form. Turban, beard, Keshdari, druggie or, in bad cases ALL in one! If a person with a dumalla is smoking go up to them and explain it's wrong, as it does not give a good impression to Sikhs. If we see Sikhs walk in a pub, for what ever reason explain it's wrong and give reasons. 

IF people do this, going up to them mubarkha! Instead what do we do? Point fingers and tell others "So and so went pub. So and so smokes despite having a kalgi on their turban!" SO how do we focus internal? Just do sangat Simran, Seva and never talk behind someone's back. Never point fingers over minor stuff, like "That Amritdhari person eats from McDonald's" or "That Amritdhari never woke Amritvela today..." Sangat Ji, you might as well get a micro phone and shout in it "Hey everyone! Look at me! I am alive and notifying you of others bad deeds!" because indirectly, you're showing how much knowledge you gained and you deserve more points than the next person for not committing acts/ "Sins" on purpose. 

PLEASE NOTE: We must not stain our dastaars by being Amritdhari and committing bujjar kureahts! BUT if someone is doing that then why not go up to them directly and explain why they should not? Why must we instead go to Short hair folks and say "Do this, do that?" Why must we emotionally blackmail our Mai/ Bhai's into taking Amrit? instead of following up on Amritdharis gone stray? WHAT IS HAPPENING!? 

Why do we squibble over meat flavour crisps when ZERO meat is in it? (Walkers). It only flavour? See? Things like that makes people turn away from Sikhism. Our people have made it "You can't do this because it's against religion, you can't do that cause I read it off the net..." and of course, no hard evidence is given why it must not be done. Many have already frowned as I used the term "Sikhism," instead of Sikhi. I think we need to ask, will I come back as a fly in my next life for it? Some people act like as if I will. See? Small minor things deciding our fates! 

WE NEED TO ASK ourselves, Have I looked at myself or do I point fingers at others/ behind keyboards? Who knows? Maybe I am trying to be a someone too by writing this? Look at me world! I am a somebody and I have something important to discuss??? OR MAYBE! A few will agree to this post and start doing simple things by thinking long and hard about how to treat others and change their way of thinking.  










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Woah this reads like a post from 90s. 

It brought back memories. When there would be poems or posts or chain email messages "FW: Very Important!! Current  State of the Panth. Forward  to all singhs singhnian." Those were the good ol days.ppl were always telling sikhs to fix themselves and get beyond judging ppl on their looks, jathebandis. It was so simple. Now theres so.many issues that sikhs differ on and have diff organizatiins for. Theres ppl wantin khalistaan, some ppl wanting more parchaar, others wantin 1 rehit, others trying to find oldest raag, or purattan shastar vidhiya, some wanting no inter faith, others wanting to stop muslims...it was so much simpler back then..


PS  Surely nobody argues about the meat flavored chips. I thought we were all past that. And unto more advanced issues 

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15 hours ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:




PS  Surely nobody argues about the meat flavored chips. I thought we were all past that. And unto more advanced issues 

Some people have too much time on their hands am afraid... Probably same people like "why you wasting time doing nothing? Go do paat!" Lol.

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On 23/06/2017 at 0:26 PM, harkirat23 said:

Huddle them all together like (animals) in a large enough paddock and bang their heads together if they are behaving ever so anti-sikh. No point arguing with them they are just as bad as someone who argued sikhs should have female pange pyares so trying to change the rehat. No one has the backbone on this forum to rebut these idiots, they are just pandering milksops to say the least. They are easily scared or impressed by certain types of people and their professions; too scared to stick to sikhi or sikh identity.:pSomeone even went  on to say we should all show decorum to the 3HOs lol, 'cos they are white and therefore far more superior to the brown sikhs. I can't remember the person's forum id but generally he is regarded as an agony aunty or uncle of the forum by his followers. In my humble opinion he is either a white 3HO hiding behind his forum id, or a moslem or hindu or someone with enormous inferiority complex.  Always full of <banned word filter activated>.



Great reaction.......I say... but where will you find 'a large enough paddock' in the first place? I agree with the rest too.

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