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proof that shaheedi degh was taken by khalsa in 1846 AD!

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On 04/07/2017 at 7:10 PM, shastarSingh said:


There are many issues with this quote.  Say they are speaking of Nihangs.  Also say the writer is blowing everything out of proportion to insult nihangs out of hatred.  Since this is being accepted as somewhat evidence for cannabis consumption.  Then those accepted it have to accept other things written in it.  Like....They insult everyone they meet...this one line needs to be either accepted as written and nihangs are equated to butcher muslims and are intoxicated all the time.  Or the nihangs are insulting the the enemy especially the Europeans and only take cannabis as medicine and obvious this European fool is bad mouth them.  You can't day they didn't insult everyone and say they were always intoxicated.  This would be like wanting to eat your cake and keep it as well.  

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