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    • Waow thank u for sharing, I do nitnem but I have no concentration at all hence it doesn't bring me as much peace.  I guess I always worry that if I start concentrating on the meanings it'll take me longer but ur explanation makes sense, more concentration should speed up ur recitation. How did you learn the translations? I've tried listening to katha but my mind usually drifts off during that too, I'm in my early 20's so maybe my concentration span isn't as good. May waheguru ji keep u in chardikala.
    • You reshare your videos on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to gain more exposure. Usually on instagram the videos will keep the watermark for TikTok.
    • @Sat1 Throughout my life as a Guru ka Khalsa, I have been arguing and fighting off so many characters that have a proclivity to misrepresent or misinterpret Sikhism! Even though, I am not that old yet!! It all started at school at first.  It’s just so outrageous if not scandalous to see how they have the courage to override everything in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, to suit their personal leanings or agendas! Nowadays, I avoid any possible encounters with suchlike people. Call me a failure or a defeatist 😕, although we are not supposed to be!    @kangwI have a question for you. Would muslims allow their converts to ever misrepresent their religion without certain  penalty, pecuniary or otherwise? If your answer is ‘no’ then I applaud Islam and their Prophet. Thank goodness, we have such a religion that forbids others from expressing anything negative towards it in  anyway and demands accurate interpretations of it from everyone convert or non-convert! It demands decorum or else!  Have you ever encountered any converts to their religion strutting or parading around like some drama kings or queens straight from a Shakespeare theatre? Why present Sikhism as a big joke? As far as I have noticed, converts of Islam look very serious, very pure and devoted, and very pious whenever I see them! I am not surprised so many sikhs are turning to it for their spirituality with fine interpretations! Good luck to them.  They have everything under control. 
    • Fateh,  The main focus is concentration. Do one Japji Sahib with concentration and so much kirpa takes place. And if u lose focus? Simply remember at which tukht u lost focus and go back to it. Keep doing this until u have reached "Kithi chutti naal..." If u don't go back, well? Only u n Waheguru knows... So was that Japji Sahib to impress society or God? Ask yourself. Once u start Japji Sahib you start walking on a tight rope. Each step is a focus. The more u focus, the better the balance. At the end of the rope is Guru Nanak Dev Ji, ready to grab your hand. Unfortunately, some of us wobble n fall off (lose concentration). Some of us fall off from the start, some midway and some at the end. Fall off start Baba Ji did not as so much get a glimpse. Half-way, Baba Ji kinda gazed your way. At the end, u managed to grasp Baba Ji's hand but fell. Instead of going back to the start u can climb back where u had fallen (A MAJOR LIFE LINE)! Overtime your concentration will be so skilled then u can walk from start to end WITHOUT falling once. According to Sakhi A mahapurkh asked Guru Nanak, after you leave us how will we see you? Then Guru Nanak gave a bachan "Those who wish to seek me can find me in Japji Sahib."  So, after doing one Japji Sahib DO FOUR MORE! Why? To start on QUANTITY! You have quality now aim for a nice low number and produce quantity.  I shall speak from exp... About 5 yrs ago I started on five Japji Sahibs but gave up after nearly NINE MONTHS! I was 26 then. It would take me over an hour even after I sped up! Nine months later? STILL over an hour! So I forgot about it for 5 yrs. Last month I heard katha about going back to where your mind wandered off n importance of knowing translation of Gurbani, to help with concentration. BARE IN MIND! ONLY LAST MONTH! For two weeks I kept on with the translation of 7 Baanias and started 1 additional Japji Sahib with concentration then 5 Japji Sahibs with focus. And these last 2 days? I managed to achieve 5 Japji Sahibs, with focus, in 40 minutes! NOTE: Everybody will have a different prayer to complete everyday more than once. Same principles apply,know translation, focus, then learn to speed it up whilst keeping focus intact. Sangat jio, focus can be achieved in a month! Question is how to maintain it?  TBH If u think about it same principles apply in the real world. First time learning a new car you'll be focused on 1st gear. Within three weeks you'll be capable of car's speed at 120mph whilst you have a light grip on the steering. THAS ALL. First time at a factory the supervisor will show u how to operate a machine. All your attention will be how well is the product placed? Does it look alright? You'll stare at the product whilst carefully operating the machine. You'll stare as the machine's in progress, long enough for it to finalise the good. 3 weeks onwards... A quick glimpse on the product, swiftly in the machine, machine operate whilst you're ready to move on with the next product! Within a year you will have learned n picked up on machines, eye to detail and lead others. WHY? BECAUSE U PAID ATTENTION! thas all it takes. If we can do it for society it is dead easy to do it for Guru Ji (with Kirpa). 
    • thank you so much most appreciated thank you so much 
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