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Really sad news but also we should take pride and inspiration in bhai jagraj's work for Sikhi. He has influenced and helped alot of Sikhs and non-sikhs who knew nothing to learn and understand the sik

maybe now is the time to promote BOS and ensure its continued success by supporting the whole team and not letting it lose momentum

Really big loss for Bhai Sahib's family and our Panth

Guest AjeetSinghPunjabi
On 20/07/2017 at 10:30 PM, jkvlondon said:

Not a loss ..but a chitanvani how little we can trust time left , the best response to his passing and the passing of all our parchaariks is to review or immerse  ourselves in what they taught and dedicate in building up our own jeevan and encourage anyone and everyone to naam jap

maya won't let me go . 

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59 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

He is not gone , his words and light touch is still around , let us not slip into depressive mode , we should be happy for him , gurmukh laha lah gehe ... he has returned home. It is just like all our wise gursikhs they don't die , they live in their bachan to us , if we read and learn they remain active in this realm too.

I was thinking this yesterday, it feels like he's not gone. Weird, I feel he came into this world for a reason to guide us to Gurbani. Very nice words penji. 

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we as individuals , families, communities and the kaum need to develop the traits we admire in our predecessors , our parchaariks, kirtaniyas and sewaks , then the panth will progress and enjoy strength and blessings from Guru Pita ji. At this juncture we need to listen to katha of shalok saskriti and jaitrisari ki vaar as being provided by veer Sukh jeevan Singh on Sikh2Inspire on a morning and night basis this week , contemplate shalok mahala 9 and develop gurmat understanding of death:


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5 minutes ago, MisterrSingh said:

His approach to parchaar was unique in terms of how he styled and conducted his lectures / sermons, and I'm not solely referring to his use of English


4 hours ago, Ranjeet01 said:

His approachable manner drew people in a way maybe other parcharaks could learn from.

Agree, he could communicate and get the message across to different levels of spirituality in people, because what he had to say could not be based on status or any sort of hierarchy. It's the message of our Guru's that he was putting across to us, not his own agenda. 

Some people tried to insult him or belittle him on some points. But there's not many that are able to connect to a diversity of people and Bhai Jagraj Singh did just that. These kind of souls such as paji Jagraj come very rarely into the world and they leave a mark when they depart too. Such is an example of the respected Kathavachaks of previous generations, wise and highly effective communicators also. 

He didnt do just parchar of Sikhi, but also LISTENED. Not many parcharaks do that, but those that do listen and have meaningful conversations with the sangat, are the ones that are unique and Bhai Jagraj Singh was Unique. 

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