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Conversion to Sikhi ?!

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Thinking back to the past, before Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to the earth, there were just Hindus, Christians and muslims and many others. Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not bring a strict code of conduct. He urged muslims to be good muslims and Hindus to be good Hindus. Both religions do believe in Guru Ji to some extent and read his shabads and jap the mool mantra. A recent example I saw was of the President of Pakistan who had framed the mool mantra and hung it on the wall.

The Sikh saroop was started by Guru Gobind singh Ji. This was in order to distinguish between the followers of the Gurus and others. This became necessary in order to get the Sikhs to stand out so that they can be recognised. After Guru Tegh Bahadhur had been beheaded, no Sikh openly declared to be a Sikh. Guru Gobind Singh Ji decided to change this roop of Sikhi and give it a new name of  Khalsa. 

Hence today, there are all sorts of Sikhs - one's who are moneh and day prayers regularly. There are a number of muslims who visit the Guradwara to thank Guru Nanak Dev Ji for some ardaas they may have performed in the past and they got what they wished for. 

However we who call ourselves Sikhs these days, were actually Hindus or muslims. With time, we have started to assume that Sikhi is sort of inherited by birth. Perhaps the fear of muslim invasions of India were the scare which caused people to convert in order to get the power to fight off tyrants.

That ultimate power is provided by being one the Khalsa after taking amrit. Guru Gobind singh Ji will bless such a person greatly. The Khalsa is able to stand on its own and defend itself against all forms of tyranny. This sadly is no longer the case in most of Punjab- as multiple forces have actually come together to destroy the very foundations of the religion. However if people still turn to following the principles of the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh Ji is going to give them immense power to defeat all sorts of enemies.

So as a sikhi starter, it is important to practise the lessons given to us by Guru Nanak Dev ji first. These are Naam japo, kiraat karo and wand shako. These are defined as constant repetition of the name of God, earning ones livings honestly - no fraudulent dealings and sharing the fruits of your labour with others - charity. If you can feel the blessings of Guru Ji after you have started this path, then go on to become a Khalsa.


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