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Does anyone know the Nihang nitnem?

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I can tell you what is in the Buddha Dal gutka as from the banis I read yesterday

( I haven't finished full nitnem today, been at work and trying to finish using headphones, also terrible at waking at amritvela):

Japji Sahib

Shabad Hazare

Jaap Sahib

Shabad Hazare patshahi 10

Twa Parsad Swaiye

Twa Parsad Swaiye - Deenan ke pratipal

Akal Ustat Chaupai - Pranvo Aad Ekankara ...

Chaupai Sahib (long version)

Anand Sahib

Chandi Charitar Ustat

Chandi Di Vaar


Shastar Naam Maala


Sodar Rehraas (Sampooran) 

Aarti Aarta (long) - Lop Chandika



Rakhiya de shabad and Keertan Sohila (I forget the order because I normally don't use the gutka for my sleeping paat and normally listen to a slightly different version by Baba Nihal Singh)

And hopefully someone can explain and expand this and add any or subtract banis according to maryada.


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"9. Saverey Amrit vele Gurmantar ante Moolmantar da jaap karke, Panj banian da saverey path karey ja suney. Behdeaan uthdean, Vaheguru jaap ja Mool mantar da jaap karde rehna.

(Panj Baanian : Jap Sahib Jaap Sahib, Swaiye (sravag sudh), Chaupai, Anand Sahib (Sampooran). Hor baanian khushi aavey parho.

Shami - Sodar Rehraas --Aarti Aarta parhe ja suney. Saaun samey kirtan sohila da path kar ardas kar bisraam karey.)"


7.Upon waking in the morning recite Waheguru mantra and Mool Mantra while uniting surat and shabd through breath control

8. In the morning one must recite gurmantra, mool mantra and then recite or listen to the 5 banis, and Kirtan Sohila should be recited before going to sleep



I think that could be the nitnem. I am not sure about the maryada that I got this from though. I usually just do the normal 5 baania in the morning, rehras and then kirtan sohila in evening and night time.

The maryada I follow is mostly parts of Bhai Daya Singh's rehatnama which I think most Akaali's follow nowadays although it is uncertain on some parts but I just try my best to follow it.

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21 minutes ago, ipledgeblue said:

is there a difference?

Nihangs have 'Dal Panth'

And they have jathebandi's inside that panth just like we do. (Budha Dal being the main one)
So Tarna Dal would be considered a jathebandi of Dal Panth and therefore would have different beliefs than every other Dal.

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