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Evil jammu shiv sena hindu girl sakshi bhardwaj spreads lies and hate against Sikhs and Sikhism

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The real true and ugly evil face of shiv sena and other hindu nationalists online is coming out under the BJP Modi government ...for years they laid dormant until now. Anti-sikh hindu extremists from various hindu outfits have been feeding their followers lies against Sikhs since 1950s ever since punjabi suba movement started for autonomy for Sikh northern areas as was promised by congress.

And they fed their very low intelligence hindu population more lies about Sikhs killing hindus when it was hindu brahmins dressed up as Sikhs aided and facilitated by the RAW who went around killing both sikhs and politicians and low caste hindu laborers.

These hindu extremists told lies that Sant bhindranwale was raping women in darbar sahib when in actual fact he gave his congregation orders not to spare anyone who tries to rape women and he even helped rescued many hindu women from gangsters. Nowadays they tell lies these days that sant bhindranwale had ordered the killing of 30,000 hindus and now its 40,000? next year they will say 50,000. When in reality police and official records show most of those killed before operation blue star was Sikhs and only a few dozen hindus mostly from clashes with police or with Sikhs during protests and riots.

Over 1000 Sikhs murdered during operation blue star using tanks and heavy weaponary the type to use against a national enemy, akal takht destroyed countless historical artifacts looted and destroyed. Then came the delhi riots over 5,000 murdered in horrific way stabbing, raping and burning alive in just 3 days of state violence. More than 1,000 Sikhs murdered per day....

The fact is 50,000 Sikh youths from punjab were disappeared basically murdered by the indian state during 90s so called period of militancy.

India to this day did not allow amnesty international to investigate nor did it own up to its own past in its killings of all those innocent Sikhs.and these evil rats from congress party and hindu outfits do not regret their crimes.

They think the murders and loss of innocent sikh life is justified because they been fed lies by a very powerful propaganda machine



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She doesnt seem like a typical hindu girl to be honest more like a congress or shiv sena supporter.

Jammu and punjab units of Shiv sena and congress party have a close relationship. Someone suggested to me that shiv sena was set up by the congress party officals back in the days as a rival to BJP party as they wanted the undermine BJP and gain hindu votes.

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This woman is venomous, she has nothing but hate and venom coming out of her mouth. i came across her videos yesterday and it made my blood boil, i had to go outside for a 30 min walk to calm myself down lol 

I am surprised that she is not locked up behind bars, are there no laws against hate speech in india? can you just upload a video and speak whatever trash about any ones faith? This is why i hate that country, absolutely lawless. 

In one of her videos she said that Sikhs removed the janeu and decided to wear dog collars instead referring to the gatra/kirpan. How can she get away with saying that? She then keeps saying Sunny Leone Kaur and that not all girls are indecent like Kaurs.

She even said bad things about Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, Guru Gobind Singh ji and Mata Sundri, things so bad that i don't even want to write them. 

She distorts history and says absolutely stupid things like that Sikhs are to blame for the turks invading india as they entered india through Punjab and that we didn't fight them!!!  Sikhs didn't even exist when the turks invaded India! 

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Some shameless Hindu men are to scared to say all this on camera themselves so now their getting this woman to read all that scripted <banned word filter activated>.  She's married and is wearing mangalsutra so its probably her husband who scripts all this and makes videos. 


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