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    • because there is a weird power structure in the capital police is under centre control, army is under centre control, water cannons -centre, nothing that could quell the mobs is under DElhi CMs control so Kaejriwal was left standing ...
    • a disturbing parallel with delhi 1984 and delhi 2020 is that at both instances we had the RSS sponsored hinduvta extremist the bajrang dal goons involved (along with congress mobs in 1984) and in both instances the delhi policemen on the streets said they can't do anything except just show that they are their and some even join in hindutva rioting gangs with the rock throwing against the muslim rioters. The delhi police when questioned why aren't you sorting the situation out and attacking the unruly mobs they said ......we dont have ordered to do that. Crazy!!!! So the question then arises... why don't they have orders to intervene? who is the politician or delhi police chief who is allowing riots to go on without intervening and stop them? same thing happened in 1984..... it seems like a systemic problem a structured protocol to ensure minorities are oppressed and put in their place at the blessings of the state. The same thing happens in pakistan and bangldesh with muslim sunni mobs targetting shia or non-muslims
    • Well it’s all over now lol. We apologised to each other. She told me that she hasn’t got anything against sant ji as he did right to fight back the government. It’s because when my mum was small she has seen what was happening in Punjab with her own eyes as is still a bit traumatised by it. I found out today that one of my close relatives who was about my age was picked up by police and never seen again, she’s seen Sikh getting tortured with her own eyes which is why she felt like this. She was just scared of what happened to jaggi with also happen to me as well.  She told me I can keep the pic on lol.  Tbh I’m happy this happened today as now her misconceptions have been cleared. It’s a shame she was taught that sant ji was the problem by the Sikhs in her village, as we know not every Sikh was with sant ji. 
    • Yh maharaj kirpa
    • hey at least you will have peace at Daddi's , and have someone who is likeminded, Waheguru ji is sending you to sangat.
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