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Bhaai Jugraj Singh is DISRESPECTED on YouTube!!

Guest GurpreetS_UK

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The video is modified (it doesn't show what he is saying before) so everyone won't get the correct impression he was trying to give about Sikhi.

At least it appears that one of them watched the 'dawah man' video and even admitted that Bhai Jagraj Singh quite literally shut him down.

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2 hours ago, NonExistant said:

These people just want themselves to look superior. They used Bhai Jagraj Singhs death as a way to force their beliefs on to other people. They want people to believe that Jagraj Singh died because he spoke against Halal meat.

So they use like one random clip to ruin his reputation and create a conflict.

They feel threatened thats why. Even at speakers corner they just act like they are in some competition and get like 4 other guys to help them out against 1 sikh. They want to always prove that they are right and that they can never be wrong. 

They believe that the quality of their religion is proven by the quantity of followers that they have. 


I see that random guy at the back who walks away when it reaches a 'controversial' issue but only so they can share it with their 'squad'.

The only thing the dawah man could back himself up with is the fact that 10 words have 40 rhetorical devices. Lol what does rhetorical devices matter?

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