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Punjab Air Pollution

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I made a similar thread about the Dehli air quality. But anyone know if Punjab is also affected?

I am reading alot about the current Dehli pollution issue. But not much on the Punjab . Is the Bad air quality also effecting parts of Punjab. 

I say this as I maybe travelling to India soon. So was thinking of staying in Punjab instead of Dehli to avoid the worst of the pollution in that region. 

Areas In punjab I am likely to stay are Amritsar and Patiala. 

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    • Also the Deras in Punjab. They’re like these Christian missionaries.
    • 5 paragraphs were written explaining how God is behind everything. You are all Guru’s sangat, if you get something inspirational to read, the Guru is showering his blessings himself. The story is way deeper than x user writing something. I honestly learn things myself reading back after writing.  When the mind focuses on the Guru, words can come from within. My comments were intended just like a giani finishes katha by saying anything said is the Guru’s words, for I am not worthy.  4 minutes later this troll had drawn his conclusions and replied to say I am claiming to be the Guru. 4 minutes! He is so target locked on attack mode. Maybe he could try sleeping on things and looking at it with fresh eyes in the morning! Original post was written in our mouj, a tribute to my Satguru, how much he does to help his Sikhs, to encourage you all to make Mool Mantar part of your life so you reap the benefits. Yes my Guru showed me how his pyare leave this world, they also showed how jamdoots unforgivingly beat the life out of people to drag them to hell. I have no reason for sharing such types of posts other than trying to help you, motivate you to jaap naam. I asked a Saint once, doing simran you get feeling of sarbat da bhalla, you want whole world to be liberated. They replied people haven’t got same feeling for you, they’d stab you in the back given the chance. Some people here insult me, judge me, are more interested in trying to guess who I am, speculating things.  I don’t judge any of you at all, to me you are just souls I thought let’s encourage. If I do judge you the result is why do I bother, they throw everything back in my face.  How often do you think such posts come along? In dhiyan we remembered all of you, let’s write a motivating post for them. 1 person insulting someone in dhiyan is enough for God to take everything away. 
    • women need to be controlled and need the rules laid down on them or they will go uncontrollable
    • The lower castes in Punjab are asserting themselves and that is good (not in this murder but in terms of organising themselves and uplifting themselves) The missionaries source of converts is going to dry up and that could be where the conflict is coming from.
    • https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/10/27/suspected-hindu-radicals-open-fire-in-christian-church-in-india-killing-one/ According to this, it was 2 brothers who were part of some Valmiki Samaj group.
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